Thursday, December 30, 2010

Start Now!

I just kicked one of my resolutions into overdrive... I ordered P90X for Lani and I... Holy Moly! I'm scared and excited, all at the same time.

My resolutions for 2010, looked something like this:
1. Eat Better - I did pretty good with this, but there's always room for improvement.
2. Lose Weight - Again, I did pretty good with this too, but there's always room for improvement... but it's time to tighten it all back up. Flab to Fab, as they say...
3. Spend Less - I did really good with this, if I do say so myself... But will continue to spend thriftily - Like this new duvet I'm getting on clearance plus an extra 20% off!
4. Pay off debt - And we will finish this off this year! YES!

My 2011 resolutions are going to stay the same, since they are things I should do all the time, but I'm adding a few things for myself, kind of in tune with Lani's resolutions.

5. Do something creative. - I was going to put a time limit on here like "once a week", but that's not always realistic. I'm going to say "As often as possible". I'm hoping for once a week...but I know that life happens... I would like to finish scrapbooking the trip to Italy Hubby & I took FIVE YEARS AGO, for starters. But I also want to do little crafts for around the house. Some artwork to hang, cover some boxes and magazine holders with cute paper, sew some pillows, etc.

6. Organize. - This is on many levels. But I need to get organized and STAY that way... For starters, I need to find new homes for my new kitchen gadgets. Hubby got me an immersion stick blender, and Gma gave me her food processor, among new little spatulas and pastry brushes, but they have no home. My office space is a disaster, along with the closets, and my brain...

And not that I'm competing...but my resolutions are up before the 1st! Huzzah! (as Lani would say) But it's time to get a jump start on 2011. New Year's Eve is tomorrow. What are your resolutions?

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  1. Hey there,

    Found you through

    Great find on that duvet cover!! What an amazing deal! And I am so with you on the goal to get more organized!


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