Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Resolution MADNESS!!!

I always like to start my New Years resolutions well before Jan 1st, just to feel like I have one up on everybody (Me? Competitive? Nooooo......)  So of course, organizing and getting rid of clutter is at the top of my list.  So as I'm cleaning out the basement (some boxes down there haven't been unpacked since I moved here....5 YEARS AGO!!!), I found a bunch of my old art supplies! 

That thrilled me right there, as I was so excited to see all those beautiful brushes and watercolors and paints (of which I doubt are still good) in front of me that I made another resolution there on the spot.....to start doing my arts and crafts again.  And then...in that same box...what do you know?  An unused sketch pad that I must have had in college when I intended to be the diligent and serious design student....and not the sake-bombing, sorority social butterfly that I turned out to be (well...I was still pretty serious in my studies....let's be real...I'm a tad to high strung to just let it all go.)  Which leads into my THIRD resolution which is always on everyone's list....SAVING MOOLAH!!  I've wanted a little notebook that I can jot down my ideas in for the flurry of house redecorating that has been happening (res. #4- house projects!!) and was going to purchase a cute one for after the new year.  But wait Lani (yup, I talk to myself....especially when cleaning out the basement), why don't you just use this book, find a cute pattern paper from your enormous scrapbook stack (res. #5...get to Scrappin').  What a fabulous idea!! And it ties in Resolutions 1-5 all in one fell swoop!  Huzzah, I say.....HUZZAH!!!

In true "Lani" fashion, I did not take a before pic (Res #6 - Constantly keep you're camera with you and don't forget before pics of everything), but regardless...here is my cute little notebook!  I grabbed this cute paper from the "Main Street" stack from Die Cuts With A View (DCWV) that I got at Joann's.  Looks very Homey and the colors are along the lines of what I actually want for the house, so it's intended to inspire! All I did was cute the paper to fit, used Mod Podge (my miracle crafting tool) on the front cover of the book and the back of the paper, smooshed them together and used a couple cans from the kitchen to hold down the edges as it dried.  Turned out rather lovely, super easy, cost NOTHING, and I've already feel like I've accomplished many of my 2011 goals!  The only one I didn't touch at all was the ever present resolution #7....Lose weight.....but we'll just say that I did alot of squats, lunges, and bicep curls while cleaning out the junk!  Done and done!

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