Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Twinkling Lights

We are hooking up to the Holiday Home Link party!  I can't wait to see all the beautiful Christmas decor....but let me share a little of mine so far!

I can't believe Christmas is almost here already!  I feel like I just put away all the decor boxes (which may be truer than I think, being that I do procrastinate).  I'm doing a new scheme this year, using blues as part of the decor.  I'll have to buy a few little things, but I plan on crafting a few as well.  I love Christmas decor that has meaning to me.  Even though this year I'm focusing on my color scheme, it's kind of inspired by my co-blogger and best friend, Heather.  I know I've been a little "I love Heather and here's why" lately, but it's the holiday season.  It makes me realize how much I miss family (she's family) and how much certain people mean to me.  We're both designers by profession pre-babies....and we've been LOVING the turquoise and ....pretty much anything.  Orange, red, white....you name it.  So to make my house a home for the holidays, I chose a scheme that reminds me of my girl!  So....enough sap...let's have some sparkle!

Here's how my "mantel" has turned out so far. I don't have a fireplace, so I use this Lack shelf from Ikea above my couch for my lovely displays throughout the year.  Although I "Bleh" at the cord hanging down....it's kinda the best I can do here.  Any suggestions on how to hide that baby is most appreciated! I bought a tube of turquoise balls at Target and used my existing bronze ornaments from years past.

  The stockings are something I sewed when I was a young single chick making my way in the OC....but they've stayed with me in the move to NJ.  They aren't very manly for my little guys....so maybe when they decide to form an opinion I'll change them.  For now....I'm pretty sure that as long as they are stuffed with goodies they don't care what they look like!  Hunter is enjoying the view of the mantel...

And just a little close-up....

The larger ornaments were bought my first year in NJ when I made Sonny get 2 trees for our little house.  These were to coordinate with my kitchen wall, which is a lovely orange shade!  Looks pretty sweet with the blue as well though!

The stocking holders are from my place in Irvine, California.  Although they worked swimmingly with my decor then...they are a bit too brassy gold for me now.  They will work for this year, but I'm thinking that I might spray paint them white after the new year so that they seamlessly go with any scheme that I do in the future.

I wasn't sure that the blue was coming across well enough...so I debated hanging these snowflakes instead.  I got them last year at Target after the season so I think I picked them up for 25 cents a pack (normally $1.00....they're there this year too).  I totally forgot that I did it and was pleasantly surprised at my forethought for a blue Christmas!
Any thoughts on keeping the original ornaments or using the blue sparkly snowflakes of happiness?  Thanks for looking and have some happy holidays!!

Pop on over to Hooked on Houses and check out the link ups! Lots of great inspiration!


  1. I am loving your "almost" Christmas mantel! How cute and what a great idea!

  2. It looks great! I'm changing out from gold to silver this year - got to love a quick fix with spray paint! Stopping by from Layla's!

  3. It looks great, with or without a fireplace. Merry Christmas! La

  4. I like your blue mantel. And the long candleholders to the side of it are great!

  5. I dont have a fireplace either but I've got the shelf thing going on too!
    Looks great!


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