Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decking my Hall...

Hooking up again to the Holiday Link Party...this time over at Rhoda's Southern Hospitality blog!  Love it!

I decided to show you all my little vignette display on my newly repainted buffet.  I scored this on Craigslist for $25 and painted it all funky to my liking (you can read all about it here)!  And it's kinda the inspiration for all of my holiday decor this year!  I love the blue and white with the pop of hot pink...and thought it suitable for the upstairs because this is where the kids live, so it brings a little more whimsy into my Christmas decor!

Everything you see is pretty much what I had on hand for 2 reasons....1) it's inexpensive, and 2) on the day I was supposed to go hunting for some new decor it was torrential downpours and hurricane like winds.  SO...I got a little creative!  And I must say....I don't think it looks TOO shabby!

The vase on the right is from Homegoods from this summer, and I put some white berry sprigs inside, and gave it a little something with a sparkling snowflake and a bright pink ribbon.  The star in the middle is my old tree topper.  I like using my wedding cake topper as my new tree topper, as its all bedecked in Swarovski crystals, sparkles ever so nicely, and I totally splurged on it so it better get more use that just on my cake!

The back 2 candle holders are Tiffany's (a wedding gift) and the front one is another wedding gift.  I don't know if it's a brand...but you can never have too many beautiful candle holders in my opinion.  The picture is one of my favorite holiday pis from a couple years ago when Sonny and I, his parents, his sister and brother in law went to the symphony on NYE. Yup...we were classy one night.....

I kinda love the haphazard scattering of ornaments.  And some of them are old gold ones that I glittered (with my fave Martha Stewart glitter) in white, silver and blue.  Fabu!

 I love this little bird!  Picked him up at Michael's.  I'm totally in love with woodland creatures lately...

I need another little something I got creative with ribbon and beads.  Kinda reminds me of old timey ribbon candy!  I think it looks sweet and adds that little pop of pink!

The silver tray is another wedding gift, and the only new thing on this whole table is this cute little hot pink candy that I got at Tar-jay for $2 bucks.  You gotta love that store.

Not bad for a whimsical little hallway decor!


  1. It all so cheery, love the ribbon candy look! Lezlee

  2. Love those fun colors together! So cute!! Thanks for linking up.

  3. Pretty, soul sister. Very proud of you. Wasn't I just at your house? Could have had a better look, if I remembered - dang it.

  4. very festive! love the pops of pink!


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