Friday, November 5, 2010

FF: Shopping extravanganza!!!

The good people at CSN Stores contacted us just recently asking us to check out their websites.  As I love to peruse any sort of shopping venue....I did, and love it!  They have seriously everything under the sun here.  It's a great place to one stop shop and find a plethora of different items.  You can get everything you need in one spot....from my current obsession of home decor and furniture, to children's luggage for our upcoming vacation, (seriously...some great designs including Disney....holla!), to affordable snow boots that I've been searching for for Sonny!  Fantastic!!

As the store is so fabu...they've offered us a $35 gift card to purchase something and do a little review on it!  Oh the possibilities!!!!!  What should I get???  The Rachael Ray bubble and brown casserole?  Should I put it towards some wear anywhere classic nude pumps? Or maybe something decorative for the this or this?  There's just too many choices!!

What would you all purchase from the CSN Stores?  Well you better browse the site and decide, because they have offered to do a giveaway next month for our loyal followers!!  Just in time for Christmas!  Can I get a Wa-hoo??  Tell us what you would get, and be prepared for some freebie action in December! Wahoo!!

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