Thursday, October 28, 2010

My name is Lani...and I'm a Craigslist addict


No there anyone else who's addicted?  I need to start a group.  I go through this website everyday...searching for things I want need for the house.  I'm currently working on this dresser that I scored for $25 bucks! Of course, as always, I fail to take a before pick...but you get the idea....this was after i sanded it down.  I'm giving it a MAJOR change.....

Now...I'm a beginner DIY-er and remodeler (as we can see from my bathroom redo here and here) this dresser is causing me a little bit of a headache.  I have read and read and read about how to reduce brush strokes to create a nice smooth finish.  Centsational Girl suggested adding an additive called floetrol (for latex paint, Penetrol for oil based).  Young House Love suggested doing 3-4 thin coats instead of 2 thick ones.  I did both of these things.  And I used a roller for the large areas so get a nice even look.  But darn it if there still aren't brush strokes all over the drawers!!!!!  GARRRRR!!!!  I am NOT about to strip it and start this has been almost a month in progress considering I am doing this during naps and after bedtime (as usual).

Anyway....there will be a more details to come on that business.  But I've also purchased a sweet lingerie chest...and have my eye on a pedestal table for the kitchen, chairs for my sitting room, and a vanity for my bedroom.  Sonny is getting a little peeved at me....especially since I'm sending him out to go get all this stuff!!! But I promised I would curb my Craigslist instead I'm looking at the Orange County listings and forwarding them to Heather.  This way I can still look...but can't get since they are across the country!! 

Have you guys scored any great deals on Craigslist or other such places?  We'd love to see some before and after's or some as is deals that you have gotten!

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