Friday, October 29, 2010

Picture Perfect

In an effort to get a jump start on the holidays (they're right around the corner!!!) I've started looking at what kind of Christmas cards I want to send out.  Ever since the kiddos were born, I love sending out the picture ones.  It's a fantastic way to push pictures in peoples faces and show them how cute my boys are without being too obnoxious!  Ha!

I've been using Shutterfly for the past couple of years, as they have great designs and patterns. And the pictures always come out you really can't go wrong. This year there are so many great styles and colors that I thought I'd share some ideas with you to get my thoughts flowing! The main thing is I'm trying to decide whether I want to do one big pic of the 2 of my boys, or 2 seperate pics to give them their own glory! So here's some of the one's I liked..

I love the vintagey feel of this one...and it give me an option to do a single pic of each boy and then maybe a group one in the middle.  This style is actually under the category of "stationary cards", so instead of being printed on glossy photo paper it's on a heavyweight cardstock.  Kind of love that idea for maybe writing a personal note on the back.

 This one is also under stationary, and I'm totally loving how the whole card is the picture instead of being framed.  I'm sure I could get a precious pic of the kids for something like this

I'm so overly in love with the color scheme of aqua and red right now and I think I'm going to decorate in these colors for christmas (and maybe life!!!).  This little card quenches my thirst for these color schemes....and I love how Shutterfly shows the pic in black and white.  LOVE!

I'm not the biggest fan of those cards that come with the page long essay of what your family has done this year.  My dad does those.  It just seems so old fashion and so formal to me.  And I just don't have time and don't feel like reading essays.  I think I'm going to suggest this card for my parents this they can just give everyone the bullet points, plus show off the grandkids....Hunter and Jaggs in one, my sister's daughter in one, and my bro's daughter in one.  DONE!

 And then there is this.  It's kinda just the classic card...but I kinda love it.  The holidays are all about traditions, and this just emotes that feeling of tradition, togetherness, and family.  Heck, I may even include Sonny and I in the card if I get this one. 

Love, love, love all the cards on Shutterfly.  I'm also thinking, while I'm doing the cards, that getting together some calendars for the grandparents might be a sweet and thoughtful move.  Two birds with one stone baby!Good thing I'm thinking ahead because this is going to take me awhile to figure out which one I really want.  Before we know it, Turkey Day is going to be here and the holiday rush is going to start.  How are you guys preparing for it?

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