Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Apple Picking

We took a break from picking our noses and went apple picking instead! Woohoo! My friend had told me about taking her nephews apple picking for a couple years now, and now that Will is mobile, to say the least, I was excited to get him to the great outdoors to check it out. I did a little research online and talked to some people and figured out where we were going to go.
Our first stop was to Snow-Line Orchard where they have the best mini apple cinnamon donuts! OH YUM! I didn't get a picture of them because they were gone that fast. The apple picking was slim, but the raspberries were Will's favorite. As you can see from the above picture...he was too busy to sit still for a picture...
Off he goes to find some raspberries.

And he was quick to pluck them and pop them in his mouth! MmmmMMMmmm

Once we had our fill of mini donuts and apple cider, we went to Rileys at Los Rios Rancho Orchard. Wow! This is a HUGE orchard to let your kids run off some steam, not to mention all of the apple trees!
Picking his first apple...
So proud of himself!
The rest of the afternoon, Will just walked around like he owned the place.
See? LOTS of room to run around and be crazy. He even picked a few flowers for me.
And he was sure to give Dad lots of direction on where to go and what to pick. Haha!

$15 for a giant bag full of apples and a little fresh air. Not bad for a Sunday outing! It's a little over an hour drive from our house to these orchards, so we managed to plan to leave right at nap time. Will conked out on the car ride, and woke up refreshed & ready to go when we got there. Perfect! And he took a nice nap on the way home, too.

I'll be sure to show you all of the goodies I'm going to make with our plethora of apples. I've got apple pie pockets and carmel apple cupcakes on the agenda. The coolest part about getting your apples straight from the source is washing them when you get home. There is no waxy residue. Your apples are squeaky clean! They're pretty tasty, too!

Looking for an east coast apple picking location? Check out Lani's post about apple picking here.


  1. Yay you made it!! So glad you enjoyed your apple picking day! We'll have to plan for the same day next year!

  2. nana's here in kansas and wishes she was there!


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