Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pee Pee part two

I just wanted to give you guys an update and take back what I said about potty training here.  We've been at it for 3 1/2 weeks now (seems like longer)....and I take back fully what I said about not doing it.  It's glooooorrriiiioouuusss!  No more diapers (except at naps and bed), less garbage, saving the environment!  I know it's not easy for everyone...and that 1st week was definitely not easy for me....but he learned quick, and actually loves doing it!  He even tells me that he has to go and the other day he randomly just decided to poop on the potty (which I wasn't going to even worry about right now since he consistently does it first thing in the morning in the diaper.....what.....too much info? Sorry).

The first week was awful, horrible, and I totally stocked up on carpet cleaner.  But with lots of positive praise, sighs of disappointment when he had an accident (not punishment....just disappointed sighs), a few naked days, and Heather telling me to keep it up....I consider him potty trained!  I'll give you the run down of how we did it.

1) Let's Get Naked!!  Even though my sister called it "the crazy way," I totally endorse the run around naked method.  I let him go naked for a full weekend (and a Monday, I think).  This worked for 2 reasons....he was able to connect the sensation of peeing with the act, since he had never actually seen himself go before...he just went in the diaper.  It also was good for me to just get him on the potty without having to worry about pulling down pants.  Just sit.  This was the time when a ton of accidents occurred...but he was making connections about what was going on.  However...because he's a boy....he didn't care too much when he did it cuz it sprayed away from him and he was never wet.  So after he realized what peeing was....we moved to step two.

2) Under Where?  Under There!!  I bought a couple packs in his favorite characters (Disney's "Cars" and some Marvel super heroes).  I told him that Lightning McQueen (or whoever) likes to stay dry so it's important to keep him dry!  I had him feel his underpants and say "dry" and when he had an accident I made him feel again and say "wet."  This next step worked for us for 2 reasons again.  The first being now that he knew what peeing was....he was realizing that when he had clothes on...he would get wet if he just went.  The second...again...easy on and off for mom and dad.

3) Get Right Out Of Town!!  We stayed trapped indoors for about a week...but by Sunday we had to get out.  Saturday night we had Hunter go pee pee on the pot, then Sonny and I took him on a walk to the playground.  We were there an hour and said "ok...we have to go pee pee" and came home.  We came home, peed, then went back to the park.  It was good for him to realize that he had to sometimes stop what he was doing, do his business, and everything would be waiting for him when he got back.  Then on Sunday we went out to Babies R Us to get a portable seat, and to Panera for an oh-so-fancy dinner.  Every hour we were taking (not asking cuz he would just say no) him to the potty.  We would just say "ok...potty time" and whisk him away.  I was doing this same method at it worked when we were out.  He went twice at Panera and we had an awesome dinner.

4) Positive Reinforcement.  Not really a "step" as it is a method all throughout the process.  Now, I know a lot of parents do the treat thing...but since we don't do that on a regular basis in our everyday life....I didn't want to do it now.  I always tell Sonny "I'm not going to give you a medal for things you're supposed to do." Don't get me wrong.  He got some good cookie treats after a whole weekend without accidents, and a fun Rita's water ice outing after a whole week of no accidents....just not something every time he went in the pot.  We really gave lots of cheers and praise and especially high fives.  He loves it.  When he goes he yells "High five!!!!!" and if we're out at grandparents he want to give everyone a high five.  It's hilarious.  You can see how proud of himself he is.  And when he had an accident....I didn't punish, but I made it clear that I was disappointed and said "Hunter...pee pee goes in the potty....not on the floor."  I never said that it was ok...because it was not ok.  He got the message.  I guess it may be "harsh" to some 'rents to show how disappointed you are....but it works for my fam. 

5) Just Go Man.  Seriously, the kid will always say no if you ask.  So we just are diligent about taking him every hour.  After that first week I kinda saw a pattern in the peeing, where he wouldn't go until about 2 hours after he woke up...then about hourly after that.  So I wouldn't bug him too much until about 1 1/2 hrs after he woke...then he'd pee...then I'd just whisk him off every hour.  I am still doing that...just to make sure that he is going.  It seems to work, even if he just goes a squirt....but we go to the potty so much during the day that he knows what he's supposed to do and tries to go every time now.  And for the past couple days he has been telling us when he has to go....which is amazing to me!!  He's really getting it!

These tips and tricks don't work for everyone....but they certainly have worked for me.  Every kid is different...and I have to say that after reading and researching and experiencing....there is no magic trick to potty training.  You just have to really tune into your kid and what his body is doing/saying.  You actually know better then them right now.  And my most valuable tip....just stick with it.  Don't give up.   You will know when your kid is ready and don't give up on them.  They want to make you proud...and before you know it....they will realize how proud they are of themselves!  I now have a living, breathing, peeing and pooping little dude!

**PS: I totally have pics of him on the potty...but decided to be a bit prudent on the matter and not post them.  Going to the bathroom is a private matter....and I'd like to respect Hunter's privacy!  :)

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