Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Faves: Ice Cream & Hair Care

It's a tough evening in our house when we don't have any ice cream in the freezer. Hubby and I (and Will too!) like to have something sweet after dinner, or at night for a tasty treat. Enter Ben & Jerry's new flavor Milk & Cookies. Vanilla Ice Cream with a Chocolate Cookie Swirl, Chocolate Chip & Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. In other words, HEAVEN!

The first time I picked it up, I was just perusing the ice cream section and thought, "Huh, I bet this is pretty good". Little did I know that it would be a freezer staple from there on out. Yesterday, I picked up two pints and had a panic attack when I couldn't find it. I had to look at the shelf's pricing labels to find where it should be and move the pint of Phish Food (also a great flavor) that was blocking it. My advice: If you don't have some, GET SOME!
My second fave is a new hair care product I got a couple weeks ago. I treated myself to a real haircut, not the $20 one I had been getting for the last year... And it was worth every penny! The scalp massage while she washed my hair was AH-mazing. My hair has always been stick straight. I've gotten perms when I was kid, back in the 80s, and after hours with the chemicals and stench, the curl was gone in less than 2 weeks. Blah... Well, thank you Will for the change in hormones and hair...I now have wave. I asked my new hair girl if there was a way to scrunch and go, and just let my hair air dry, but end up with sexy wavy hair, which is seriously something I always dreamed about having.

She used Catwalk Curlesque Lightweight Mousse and of course I bought it. It's awesome! She assured me that it's not the crunchy sticky old school mousse that everyone used to use. And it's not! (Unless I don't pay attention and put too much in, then it gets a little crunchy, but that's user error...) I walked out of there with beach sexy wavy hair and she didn't use anything but the diffuser on the blow dryer to help it along. Now, most of the time, it's my auto hair-do. It's an easy wash, towel dry, put in mousse, twirl & scrunch, and I'm done! Love it!

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