Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh yeah?! Well, here's MY Blog Spot

Funny that I was just reading on Angry Julie where she blogs and Lani is already on the "Where I Blog From" train... Seriously, I would appreciate it if Lani got out of my head...

It seems to be the norm that if you have kids, you're on the computer whenever you can sneak a chance, and wherever you can still be central to the activity that you need to keep an eye on. Here are my blogging spots:

My bedroom/office. Back in May, I posted about our mini projects going on all over our new office niche in our bedroom was one of those mini projects. I usually blog from here during nap times because it's an ear shot away from Will's room, but I can create my own little quiet sanctuary with the TV off in the living room. It's my attempt to regroup while Captain Crazy Pants is asleep...and it keeps me from paying a ridiculous electric bill.
Our living room section is sometimes my evening blogging/computer location. I hang in that cozy little corner with the chaise while Hubby unwinds in his way by shooting people in the head on Xbox. To each his own. At least this way we are within arm's reach...

Once in a while I blog from the kitchen table while Will is eating. Sometimes, if the mood strikes and an idea pops in my head, I'll grab a few creative seconds here. I usually don't blog from here because my kitchen is hardly ever this clean, and if I want to blog here it entails me wiping down the table which snowballs into dishes and that's just no fun.


  1. Seriously how can you hear yourself think over the xbox shooting? We have gone from the xbox to the PS3 now, our xbox died...everything looks so neat and tidy, I'm jealous.

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I am your newest blog spot also on the couch, usually with a abowl of ice cream after the kiddo goes to bed or in my cubical at work (shh, don't tell the boss) lol.

  3. Julie - I have learned to tune out the shooting madness, and when I just can't take the shooting anymore, I retreat to my office/bedroom for some sanity. I usually turn on something fun like Glee to calm my irritated nerves. ha ha! Oh...and I only take pics of my house when it's tidy. Currently, my kitchen table is a sea of coupons that need to be clipped and sorted and my bedroom is well, you can't see the surface of my desk at the moment...

    Taylor-Ann - Thanks for stopping by and following us! We really appreciate it! My blog spot was exactly that last night! The sofa with ice of my faves!


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