Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Blog Spot...

Kate at Centsational Girl posted this perplexing (not really) question over the weekend...

Well....I have to be truthful...this question made me quite depressed.  I love the question because I've gotten to see so many BEAUTIFUL home offices and other lady bloggers....but I got insanely jealous!  Here is my pic of where I blog..

That's it folks...right there in the corner of my sectional, with dear old Pepper watching over me and correcting my spelling.  And notice the 2 baby monitors on the ledge along with my lifeline cup of coffee.  The only time I get to work is during naptimes and after they go to bed at night.  And yes....I have coffee by my side at those times....all day, any way baby!  This question has got me thinking....that I need a space to call my own. And a more beautiful, creative, wonderful "Lani" space that I can write down all my thoughts and dreams and ideas.  (Ahhhhhhhh....those were angels singing).

I love love love the desk space created by Emily on Cupcakes and Cashmere. So sweet, feminine and just the perfect space to be creative.  Love it! 

It's also just a small space, not a whole room, which makes it totally do-able in my house!  I've already decided that I'm in no way making the office space in my kitchen because I want to be AWAY from the madness when I blog or design. 

Thanks for posing this question, Kate, because my wheels are totally a-turnin' about what I can do!

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