Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tantrum-less Spa....

Isn't it crazy how a new 'do can make you look so different?  Dad went to take Hunter to get his hair cut at this great little kids place in Marlton, NJ called Tantrum Spa.  Huh....I don't even get to go to a spa...what the?  Anyway, although we end up paying around $15 for a kids haircut after the tip, it's so worth it.  They have great service (literally in and out), the stylists totally cater to the kiddos, they have movies playing, and they sit in cute little cars or planes or whatever to keep them distracted from what's actually going on.  The first time Hunter was a little fidgety, but Sonny says that this last time he didn't even flinch.  We even opted for a more grown-up, spikey hairstyle, and even though it took a few more minutes, Hunter was happily playing in his little car chair, watching the movie "Cars." Didn't even have to bust out the Cheerios.

It's also a great place for girls as they have mini mani-pedi stations and you can have dress up/spa parties.  Oh so cute!

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