Monday, June 28, 2010

Travel Anxiety

Will and I are two short weeks away from our trip to New Jersey to visit Lani and her brood (and Sonny, too!). I am already concocting a list that will eventually be a mile long of things to bring, do, and say in order to make our flight as smooth as possible. 6 hours is going to be a loooooooooooooooong plane ride...

Here are a couple articles/sites that I've found helpful:
Traveling with an 8-17 month old by
Seven Secrets to Successful Travel with Young Child by
Flying with Small Children: Checklist of Questions to Ask Your Airline

This is Will's second time flying, and we are actually flying the exact same route and distance. We visited Lani and family when Will was around 7 months last year, but Hubby and I flew together with Will on our laps. That was tiring and stressful, but all in all, a decent experience. Now, Will is 15 months. He can run, scream, and definitely has a mind of his own, which usually doesn't like to be confined to a small space. And this time Hubby has to work, so I'm on my own.

I'm trying to get a list of things to keep him occupied during the flight(s). Here's what I'm planning on taking so far:
- Mini-DVD player - This is at the TOP of my list. He is in love with Toy Story right now, so that will already be loaded and ready to go. I really hope Buzz Lightyear comes to the rescue for me on this one...
- Fruit & snacks - My boy is a fruititarian and would eat only that all day everyday, if I let him. I'll be sure to pack good fruity snacks for the flight to keep his little jaws occupied.
- Woobies - We lovingly call Will's woobie, Rupert (after Stewie Griffin on Family Guy and his love for Rupert...). 1 for the diaper bag, 1 for my check-in bag, and the 1 he'll be carrying. When it comes to Rupert, you can never have enough back-ups.
- Binkys - Will doesn't usually cruise around town with a binky in his mouth, but he does use it to calm down and fall asleep. I will have to locate as many as possible so I have several back-ups, since these are one of his favorite things to throw when he's cranky. On that note, sorry in advance to whoever is sitting in front of us on the plane.
- Books - We're really into reading right now. I'll have to grab a couple of the smaller cardboard books for the flight.
- Toys - Probably a mash of cars, blocks, and a ball or two.

Anything else you can think of? I'd greatly appreciate any other ideas and advice!

In the meantime, I'm going to pray that it's not a full flight and that we can get an extra seat, or maybe even the whole row to ourselves so he can have a little bit of wiggle room when the fasten your seat belt light is off. A Tuesday morning flight shouldn't be crowded, right? RIGHT!?!


  1. Practice changing diapers with Will standing up! We went to Australia (total of 3 flights 1 way) when our son was 19 months old and one of the domestic flights had no changing table. The flight attendent wanted me to change my son at the front of the plane, on the floor in front of all the other passengers! Luckily he is a pro at standing up and I could do it in the bathroom!

    We also brought NEW toys my son had never seen (dollar store was great!) Triangle crayons so they don't roll off the tray..... Sippy cups! Then once we were thru security we bought my sons favorite drinks and brought them on the plane with us.

  2. Definitely wrap up new toys for him to unwrap. I love getting things from the $1 aisle at target and wrapping in cellophane. They can see the toy and they get excited to unwrap it, and they love the noise of the cellophane. Did you buy him his own ticket? If so, the carseat is a lifesaver. You can buy a roller attachment to make transport easier. My kids sleep like babies in their carseat so it makes traveling a breeze! Good Luck!

  3. I didn't buy him his own seat. I'm having a little anxiety about that too but part of the beauty of this trip is that its using a free round trip ticket. I called today and the price to get him a ticket was a little hard to swallow. I'm praying that it isn't a full flight and we can just get another seat by default. Plus I'll be sure to spread out our child-ness as much as possible so people won't want to sit near us...

    Will definitely take the advice on the new toys to open on the plane. I didn't think of that. Great idea!



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