Monday, June 28, 2010

Sweet Dreams?

Last week Sonny and I made our first of big purchases to come. We've been saving up for a few big last Tuesday we purchased a new mattress! Although our old one was only 5 years old, it was so distorted it's not even funny. I wish I thought to take a pic of it before they hauled it away....but as you know....I don't think ahead.

When we got the old mattress...we were young, we were foolish, we wanted comfy and fluffy. Turned out we purchased a marshmellow of a bed. So much so, that we had huge body indentations within the first year or two of having the bed. And I am not kidding when I say HUGE indentations....I LITERALLY had to climb a hill to cuddle on my hubs side of the bed...and then when I felt like I was slanted and was not comfortable. And then when I was pregnant, I could barely get out of bed because I was sunk so low! So now, we are older, wiser, and more aches and pains in general, and realize we need a firmer mattress. But super paranoid buyer that I am (I have supreme buyer's remorse for anything over $10....seriously) I was terrified about getting a good deal. I mean, how do you know if a mattress is going to be right for you after laying on it for just a few minutes?  And you never think about returning such large items like this!  But look how flat it is!! Anyway, we got the bed on Saturday and I've spent a couple nights on it.....and am not sold. How awful, right?

I purchased the mattress at Sears, and made sure that they have some sort of "trial period." I have 30 days to exchange the mattress for something else if I find that it's not comfortable. Sleeping on a marshmellow for 5 years than switching to a firm mattress makes me feel like i'm sleeping on a board, but I'm giving it a chance. I realize that I need a firm mattress for my back, but I have to admit that I miss my squishy!!! I think that we are going to try to get one of those feather toppers to put on it so I still get the squishy comfiness that I like, but retain the firmness of the bed (plus it's cheaper than paying the $500 extra to get a mattress with a pillow top and then I have paranoia that it will just sink again and yada yada).

Anyway, this is the first step in making over our bedroom....and we have many more improvements to the house in general to get moving on.  Hopefully with these two kiddos and only having Sundays we can get everything done in the next decade!  Hahahaha....seriously.....

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