Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rollin' with the Nap Times

I was getting a little frustrated trying to keep up with a nap "schedule" for Will. He's fairly predictable, but all of a sudden I'd see him rubbing his face into his blankey at 8am. I'd ask him if he's tired and he would zombie-half-asleep-walk into his bedroom. I'd plop him in his bed and he wouldn't fight me one bit. Instead he would lay there and drift off. It gets really frustrating when there are errands I need to run and can't just let him sleep the day away, because frankly sometimes, he would. Not that I'm complaining in the least! He went through his stint of waking up at 5am. That was not fun, but he would take two pretty long naps during the day. Just when I think he's ready to drop down to 1 nap a day, we are back into a random schedule again.

I think finally I'm just coming to terms with it. He's my child, and he likes to sleep, just like me. And he'll sleep whenever he feels like it. Some days I could take a nap at 10am, some I could use one at 3pm... Will is no different. These days following his surgery, he's been waking up at 7am, the earliest; some days it's closer to 8am. He'll be up for an 45 minutes to an hour and then he is rubbing his face. I put him back to bed and he sleeps for two hours. It crazy! It's uncanny that I can make and eat my breakfast in peace in the morning. Then after I clean up my mess, I can plop down with my morning coffee, laptop, and watch the World Cup while I work. I better stop this nifty routine before I get used to it and throw a hissy fit when I have to give it up. It's weird to feed him breakfast at 10:30am or even 11am, but he seems to be ok with it. It's a little nicer to have his eating times bumped a little later anyways so we can all eat dinner at the same time. 

Yes, it makes it a little difficult to get out of the house early, but I guess that means it's my role to adapt. So we grocery shop at 3pm instead of 10am. Oh well. Not the end of the world. If I have a happier, well rested child, getting out of the house later in the day isn't a big deal.

I'm sure it will phase itself out in a few weeks like the rest of his little sleep schedules do, but in the mean time, I'm rollin' with the punches. It only took me 15 months to figure this little bit of info out. I guess I'm not so quick on the uptake sometimes. But hey, I'm still new here. And besides, there's plenty to keep me busy while he's asleep... plenty.

About the Picture above: This is just after Day 2 of swim lessons. He could barely keep his eyes open as I was buckling him in. It was so funny! Learning to kick in the water is hard work! He slept from around noon until 3:30pm this day. Glorious!

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