Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sanity at a Grocery Store

These days grocery shopping is a bit more of a chore with a 15 month old that keeps me on my toes. I have to find a way to keep him occupied for 30+ minutes while confined to the shopping cart seat... It's quite the task. I've found a trick that works...for now.

The first place I always stop is the produce section. It's a great way to get started because we can talk about colors and identify each fruit & veggie. Apples are always near the front, so I grab a few items on my list and then let Will pick out what apple he wants to eat. So far, I think he likes the golden apples the best, and so do I. I give the apple a quick wipe and hand it to him. He goes to town on it for the whole time! He's quiet, pleasant, and content the whole trip.

I am sure to grab an uneaten apple of the same kind & put it in a bag. When I get to the register, I just tell the cashier that I had 2 of them, and she can ring them up separately. I'm sure they're not particularly thrilled that I do this, but it's much better than having a child screaming & making a scene in the grocery store...


  1. Not a bad idea at all! Except with my almost 16 month-old? I think he might end up throwing it at someone when he was through!

  2. We haven't had that incident, yet... but I'm sure it's not too far off... I just keep an eye on his progress. His new phrase is "Uh oh!" so he drops it in the basket and says "Uh oh!" now. He dropped it on the floor at the store and got upset when I took it I guess it's not the perfect trick, but it does help!



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