Thursday, July 8, 2010

Design Dud

Have you ever picked out home decor, in hopes of sprucing things up a bit....then after awhile realized it's not quite what you were going for?  Yup...hands in the air...over me look at me!

I recently (maybe...March?) decided that my brown on brown on brown decor was just not cutting it anymore.  Lighten my life with some color!  So I went on a spree to buy new couch pillows in hopes that it would brighten up my living room a bit.  Here's what it looked like before...

There was just was too much brown for my taste.  Here's what it looked like (and still does) after some pillow hunting and major texting pow-wows with Heather...

Although's still not quite achieving the look I want.  I'm so disappointed in myself!  So the past couple of days I've been obsessed with finding a style that will do right by me and I think I've found it.  My kitchen is to the direct left of this pic, and is open completely to this room.  I painted the kitchen this outstanding orange.....

...and I would really like to coordinate with that, while attempting to brighten every thing up.  Well...I think I found a color scheme that will totally work for me and I'm set out to achieve it!!!  Here's some inspiration photos that I've found

All pics via Centsational Girl

Ugh!  Aren't these all fantastically fantastic??  Orange and Teal, baby...that's what I'm going for!  And I have noticed that a common theme in all these pics is the light and airy feel....which my dark brown espresso couch does not have.  So I've decided that I may try and DIY some things to lighten my room, like slipcover the ottoman, bring in some light curtains, and possibly paint some furniture (yikes!).  We'll see how much this color scheme stays with me, as I've found a few that I like.  I'm always thinking that there's something better out there...but I'm constantly drawn to the cool blues playing off the hot orange.  Progress will be posted!!!

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