Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Case of the Stinky Pits

Secret Clinical Strength Advanced Solid, All Day Fresh, 1.6-Ounce Bottle (Pack of 2)I've always been a sweater. Not super uncontrollable, but if I'm hot, I sweat. I used to wear regular old Secret and it worked just fine. Then I got pregnant. I normally ran warm, well, while pregnant, I was an inferno. Hubby would try to cuddle in bed only to turn into a sweaty mess after 3 seconds because I was so hot.

Then at around 5 or 6 months of pregnancy, my deodorant stopped working. I upped to the clicky Secret. Click twice and then apply. It did the trick and I was no longer stinky. Hubby was pleased. And so was I since I pretty much wore tank tops everyday and was still too hot... In January...

Now, my body chemistry has changed yet again after the baby. I tried a few different scents, types, etc. and finally took the clinical strength plunge. It's sad that my stinky pits have brought me to the point where I need more than just the regular dose of antiperspirant...but they have. I'm now using Clinical Strength Secret in Powder Protection.

A true test of my deodorant was on the 4th of July at the Angel game. Our seats were directly in the sun from about 5pm until 6:30pm. I did not stink one bit. My sister and I checked ourselves a few times. Ha Ha! She didn't stink either...but she's only 17, so regular strength works just fine for her.

You can check out some fun facts about sweat and your personal stink here at Secrets fun facts.

So here's yet another fun thing to add to the list of pre/during/post-pregnancy weirdness....

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