Thursday, July 29, 2010

Roly Poly

Oh the time has come again!  I got a good 4 week run with a full nights sleep, but now the little monkey is rolling over and does so in his sleep.  He's actually not to bad about sleeping on his tummy....I think he likes it.  Hunter used to roll over and get all mad that he couldn't roll back.  This one just keeps right on sleeping.  So its not that he wakes me up to roll him's more my nerves about SIDS that keeps me awake at night.  Almost as soon as I put him down he rolls right over, and I try to flip him back around (for my sanity), but I think he really enjoys it.  My only saving grace is my video monitor that zooms in so I can see his face.  Being that he JUST turned 3 months and is already flipping....I can see the crawling and the walking coming way before I'm ready for it.  Yikes!

Oh....and even if you have a small place, I highly recommend the video monitors.  It's just a peace of mind for me...otherwise I would totally be up in his room every 10 minutes.  I know it's not a necessity for the baby, but it is for me!

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