Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Faves: World Cup!, Books, & Sales!

My First One, Two, Three! with Baby Boo Counting Book
World Cup is here! Hubby turned it on first thing this morning and Will is enjoying it. It is a welcome break from Playhouse Disney and iCarly, that's for sure! USA! USA!

On Hubby & I's date night last weekend, we were wandering around after our movie (Iron Man 2 - So SO Good!) and wandered right into Borders. I always peruse book stores' bargain bins for some fun cardboard books for Will. They double as a colorful teething toy, so I'd rather not pay full price if I can help it. We found two big ones, one about first words like Mom, Dad, House, Bath, etc. and another about counting. Then there was a smaller, but thicker and squishier one of zoo animals. Considering Will barks at the TV whenever the Twilight-Eclipse preview comes on, I think animals are right up his alley...

Old Navy is always a good source of a good sale! Tomorrow only, they have $2 tank tops for women & girls! You can check out all the details here. What a great way to stock up on some easy to wear tops for summer! They also have some really cute t-shirts for the boys.

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