Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bumps, Bruises, and Climbing!

Yep, I have a boy...

Just when I thought I had our living room pretty bare bones, Will finds more to get into. He figured out how to climb onto the sofa. At first, it was a bit of a struggle, but now it's a millisecond movement. You blink and he's flipped himself on the sofa. Then comes the running on the sofa. And then it's like he forgets that it's up high and he just walks off of it...and crashes onto the floor. He is doing better sliding off on his belly, but he still forgets and thank God he is resilient! It is pretty funny to see this little person sitting on the sofa watching his toons so intently.

Next comes the coffee table...He has figured out that he can pull out the little drawers and use them as steps so me can climb on top of the table. This was a fun discovery when I was sitting in front of the coffee table and feel a tap on my head as he giggles perched on top of the table. Hubby came home this week, opened the door, and there stands Will on top of the coffee table. Hubby's yelling for me as Will stands there frozen because he got caught.

My favorite was what he was so bold to do right in front of my face. He climbed right on top of his activity table. And then stood up on it!

I see lots of broken bones in his future if he keeps this up...oh boy... I know I'll regret saying this out loud, but it's only a matter of time before he figures out how to stack things up to climb and reach much higher places. Hubby needs to bolt our stack bookcase in the living room - he even said so! Ha Ha!

It's awful to look at his little naked body and see his legs riddled with bruises, scrapped up knees and elbows... I guess if someone ever questions me I'll just tell them to watch him for 30 seconds and they'll quickly understand...

It will be a real challenge to keep him occupied for a 6.5 hour flight to Jersey in a few weeks... YEP! Will & I are going to visit Lani and all of her boys. So excited! Sad that Hubby can't go, but he said I could take Will with me and stay for a week, so that's what's happening. I'm sure he could use the daddy-alone time. I was trying to keep it a surprise from Lani because I thought it would be incredibly hilarious if we just knocked on her door, but it was more work than it was worth. I'm also renting a mini-van so that we can all cruise around town together. Keep your eye out for the two hot moms in a mini-van! AND! We're going to the Jersey Shore! OH. MY. GAWD! I better go make my Snooki orange tan appointment right now!

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  1. We have the same child - I swear! We got rid of our coffee table after #1 was born. And we have a super-high couch that he can't get up on yet - but he can get up onto the futon in the office.

    We were at the allergist, and I'm trying to talk to the doctor about the baby's test results. I look over - and he's standing on the activity table they had there! ACK!

    I can't imagine being on a plane with him. We'd never sit. It'd be up and down the aisles for the entire 6 hours!


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