Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dad's Day & Birthday - All Rolled Into One

Hubby was a super trooper on Father's Day. My family is helping my Great Uncle move out of his house that sold. My parents got dibs on his washer & dryer, and Hubby being the Super-Appliance-Man with a truck, was summoned to help unhook them, move them to my parents' house, and hook them up there. Of course it turned into an all day ordeal full of unforeseen issues, but Hubby was helpful and got the job done like the pro that he is. My Dad and Hubby worked in the garage while us girls (and Will) were in the house keeping Will occupied. It was a sweaty, unshowered, tiring kind of day.

Then yesterday was my birthday. Sadly, I did not make it to my Flat Belly Diet goal of being under 150 lbs. Between stress, being extremely busy, and Will's surgery looming, I lost sight and motivation for my weight loss goal. It's tough to stay focused! I'm back on track today and am going to try my darnedest to keep on trucking until our trip to Jersey to see Lani. I can't go to The Shore a chub-a-lub!

Anyways, my birthday was great! It was low key and involved quality time with my boys. Hubby & Will took me to Woody's Diner for breakfast where Will drank out of a straw for the first time. Woohoo! He also went to see his first movie in the theater, Toy Story 3! I was nervous but Will did pretty well. We put him in the stroller & he made it through the previews without a problem. Once the movie started, he got a little antsy. Thinking he might be wet, I grabbed him, a diaper, & wipes and ran to the bathroom. Did a lightning quick change and ran back to the theater. I kept him going by giving him Goldfish crackers, juice, and when those failed, I stood up and rolled the stroller back and forth in the aisle off to the side. Ultimately he fell asleep for the last 20 minutes of the movie or so since our 11:15am show time was right around his nap time...

Toy Story is one of the few movies he'll sit through at home for a good chunk of time. I think we're up to 25 minutes at the beginning. Then he wanders and plays and pays attention towards the end when Sid is about to blow up Buzz in the backyard. Yesterday, as soon as he saw Buzz, Woody, and the gang on the big screen, he was pointing and clapping. The movie was great! It was just as good as the first two.

After walking around while Will slept in the stroller, we fed him and he saw the dancing fountains... Will is fearless. After letting him run around a bit and trying to keep him away from the fountains, I realized I had a change of clothes with me, so why not let him run through them!? An hour later, Will is soaked and laughing his butt off as he sticks his face in the stream of water that shoots up out of the ground. Hubby & I were cracking up along with the other parents hanging around there watching their kids too. I guess I will keep Will's water shoes & swim trunks in my car from now on for just this occasion.

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