Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where did my day go?

Often times 5:30pm rolls around and I realize “Holy crap! I gotta start dinner!” I was in a good groove for a little bit when naps were going according to schedule, and so I could find time to get all that needed to be done, done. Now I’m back to struggling to figure out where my day went, again. I guess I just need to come to terms that every couple weeks or months, it’s time to reassess.

Here’s my schedule yesterday:
6:00am – The alarm named Will is going off. He’s up.
6:10am – Go get Will bottle of milk and see if he’ll maybe fall back to sleep with me on the sofa. Beg, plead, but no more sleepy time. Zombie play time.
8:30am – Breakfast time
9:00am – Hubby leaves for work. Making sure Will says his proper good-byes or else a meltdown will ensue…
9:05am – Sorting laundry
9:15am – Clean up kitchen
9:30am – Yay! Will is tired and ready for nap!
9:35am till 12:15pm – Laundry, cleaning, working, having a sip of coffee. I will note that during this nap, he stirs and cries/whines for around 5-10 minutes once every hour. I leave him in there and he goes back to sleep. When I hear him start to stir, I have a little panic attack and list the million things that I still need to get done while he’s napping…
12:15pm – Will is up. And has a diaper leak. He’s not too happy about it.
12:45pm – Lunch
1:00pm – Clean up lunch
1:10pm – Oh yeah, I’m hungry… My lunch time
1:15pm – My lunch time is over, Will wants to play
1:20pm till 2:30pm – Play time, laundry
2:30pm – Nap time… My butt is dragging, try to take 20 minute power nap
2:40pm – My nap time is not happening thanks to dog next door who doesn’t like it when he can see kids playing outside…so he barks…a lot
2:45pm – Shower, laundry
3:30pm – Will’s up. Snack time.
3:45pm – Laundry
4:45pm – Whoa! Where’d this big zit on my chin come from?!
5:00pm – Laundry, vacuum, clean up time for Hurricane Will that hit our living room, kitchen, bedrooms
5:45pm – Start dinner
6:15pm – Get Will some food
6:40pm – Hubby home. Hurry and assemble dinner
7:00pm – Clean up kitchen
7:30pm – Get Will ready for bed
8:15pm – Put Will to bed
8:30pm till midnight – Work, clean, maybe watch a Tivo’d show…
Midnight – Crawl into bed and pray that Will doesn’t wake up till at least 7am.

I didn’t even do my hair or put on makeup yesterday. Sorry Hubby. At least I was clean! Just a little scary… Today we’re getting out of the house. I have errands to run, but would rather do something fun after a full day of doctors and another day cleaning so far this week. We’ll see what prevails. If I can jump in the shower as soon as Will goes down for his morning nap, maybe we’ll go for a long walk at Disneyland and then go to Target on our way home – The two happiest places on earth!

Please share your day to day strategies. I'm dying to know how you get your stuff done and what you leave hanging...

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  1. dang that's alot of laundry girl!!! can i bring mine over to you too. haha! ;-)


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