Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friday Faves: Geek Squad & Stuff

Thursday I noticed my computer was acting a little funny, but just thought I had had it on for a couple days and it was in need of a restart. Hubby was kind enough to hang with our little man that evening while I grabbed some vino and dinner with a friend. When I got home, I popped on my computer and there were all these pop-ups sitting there along with some risky thumbnail pics that were not mine. Oh boy...

Yes I was a slacker and my anti-virus had expired. It had been too long since I had run a scan on my computer. The weird trojan.dje file sitting on my desktop was not so subtle hint that I had gotten a Trojan virus. Ugh...kill me.

Friday morning, Will and I strolled the Best Buy shopping center waiting for them to open. (Open Open Open! They open at 10am, if you are curious... I was hoping they opened at 9am.) I went straight for the computer department and the nice dude working asked "Can I help you find something?" A long sigh came out of me and I said sadly, "I have a trojan virus" (Only at a Best Buy can you say something about a virus you have and not get a weird look. Ha Ha!). He proceeded to tell me that the Trend Micro that I had already picked up was what he would recommend and gave me a run down of best and worst case scenarios.

Once we got home, Will was ready to nap and I was ready to play computer doctor. Hoping, praying, saying sweet nothings to my computer in hopes that this would quarantine the virus and I could get rid of it (best case scenario) and I installed and scanned away. It found 111 threats, but none that fixed my current problem. [insert string of non-G-rated phrases here] I got busy doing other stuff around the house and Hubby went with me to take my precious cargo to the Geek Squad. I sadly and pathetically told the nice geek my issues (porn thumbnails, weird files on my desktop, doing an online search and clicking on a result would take me to some random site, typing and it would miss a letter here and there, etc. etc.) and filled out the necessary paperwork. He said it would take 3-5 days to fix and worst case scenario, they would wipe my computer and reload everything. made me sick just thinking about it. I save everything on my external hard drive, so losing whatever was saved on my computer wasn't a big deal, but just annoying.

Sunday afternoon, Hubby got the call. It was DONE! YAY! They didn't have to reformat the hard drive and she was running beautifully! HALLELUJAH! I dropped Hubby and Will off at home (Will was in the middle of napping), and went to go pick up my laptop. They even scanned my external hard drive for me to make sure it wasn't infected.

This house is clear!

Life it back up and running. It's so weird how naked I felt seeing my desk without it's cute little laptop sitting on top of it. Hubby just laughed at me, and I'm sure thought that I was too dependent on it. It did give me 1.5 days of catching up on magazines. I caught up on my Parents magazine. Hip Hip Hooray!

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  1. Next time try going to Avoid the multiple trips and get it fixed right away over the internet.


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