Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Little Calvin

As in Calvin & Hobbs...

Here's a Hump Day Treat for you:

Last week was a bit rough in the nap department. Often times it was a battle of willpower (on my part) to let him scream and cry for a bit before he finally gave and laid down to fall asleep. One of the mornings, after breakfast, he was filthy. He had managed to get oatmeal all over himself and his pjs, so I striped him down to his diaper in the kitchen. He was rubbing his eyes and looked like he could fall asleep any second, so I put him in bed thinking he'd go right to sleep. Oh boy was I wrong...

After a screaming fit of about 10 minutes, I open the door to his bedroom and see him standing at the rail screaming. I pick him up and notice...he's naked. What the...??? Where is your diaper?! I look down and it's in he corner of his crib. Omg! Did you pee? I'm running my hands along his mattress and there are no wet spots... Oh wait... I stepped in a wet spot on my way in. There's a puddle about 10" around, about 18" away from his crib. It would be the perfect projection if he's standing at his crib and peeing right between the slats... I guess my boy has good aim! I couldn't help but crack up as I got him out of his crib to put a clean diaper on him. He's no dummy! He's not going to pee in his own bed! Ha ha!

Update on Will’s eye situation: Will is going to have surgery. Bummer dude, but deep down, we knew it was coming. It seems like a pretty easy and pain free procedure, so that's good! I made an appointment with the second doctor that Dr. Chu referred us to, just to cover our bases. The first Dr. was fine, but I guess it's a prerequisite for eye doctors to be a little weird. Will didn't seem to mind him until he put drops in his eyes to dilate his pupils and take a look in there. He calmed down while we waited for his pupils to get huge and watched Mulan. Oh what fun it is to try to hold down a screaming child while the Dr. shines a bright light in his face to see inside his eye. But everything looks great, he said. We’re hoping to get the surgery over with at the end of the month. It will be nice to get this all over and have a gunk free eye for good!

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