Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Much Needed Improvements - YAY!

So since we made our decision to stay in our humble little abode, we are making the best of it and reorganizing it to gain some much needed storage space. Or as I like to call it - Operation Monica Bing!

Yesterday Hubby went to Home Depot & Ikea while Will and I went to his Sing & Sign Circle Time class. Hubby fixed up our laundry area first. It was kind of a disaster area before. There were two shelves there, pretty close to where the new ones are located (sadly, I didn't take any before pics so I'll just have to paint a picture for you...), but they were made up of rusty metal brackets and warped plywood for shelves. The paint on the top shelf felt like it was going to slide off at any given moment. Not to mention the shelves were just yucky and I didn't want to store any of our tools out there because it was just yuck. Hubby spent $100 total for the shelves and all the little gadgets to go with to hang our tools on the peg board. The wire shelves will be nice since this is out on our balcony and kind of exposed to the elements a little. It's in a closet that has doors, but still...it's not inside. It looks so much cleaner and more organized. He had these up and was organizing when we got home. :) There's nothing like a home project being completed while you are out of the house.

Then it was onto project number two... A couple months after Will was born, we realized that life would just be easier if we moved the desk out of his room and into our room. We can't exactly work or check our email while he's in there napping. So we moved the desk into our bedroom in this handy little nook. It fits perfect, but I quickly started to drive Hubby crazy as I ran out of space for my "stuff" which is paper, sewing projects, scrapbooking/invitation projects, plus bills, paperwork to be filed, etc. etc. etc. Neither one of us likes clutter, but it really drives Hubby up the wall, especially when it's my stuff and he knows he can't touch it since he'd put it in the "wrong" spot and I wouldn't be able to find it. I like to spread out when I work on stuff...

The Lack shelves from Ikea are awesome. I love them because they are clean, inexpensive, and relatively easy to install. We used them in Will's room, too. The white is the perfect contrast to our chocolate brown walls in the bedroom, and it matches my desk. For less than $80, my "office" got a nice little face lift with lots of storage and still looks good! I think I may find some fun scrapbook paper to cover the magazine files with just to give it some pep, but I love how clean it is and it's so easy to find everything when it has a labeled home. Here's all the stuff I got from Ikea for the "office".

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