Monday, May 3, 2010

Surreal C-Section

So baby Jagger is here! FINALLY! It's been quite a week with him home and his big brother, Hunter, trying to figure out who this little wrinkly, crying, thing is that is attached to his momma's boob. So far he hasn't paid too much attention...but every once in awhile he'll look over and say "uh oh" when Jagger cries, which I find EXTREMELY cute.

But before bringing him home...we had our c-section. The dreaded, scheduled Sunday because my husband cannot take time off work because money is tight and there are no people to cover for when he gone and more "woe is me" and "boo hoo hoos." Anyway, it was such a strange experience compared to last time. We got up early, to an alarm and not to contractions, packed up the car, took some pics, and headed out. Sonny jokingly yelled some "breathe honey breathe!" to the conversation to make it more exciting. Because, truly, it was boring!!! Don't get me wrong, we were totally excited to see the baby....but the leading up to it was just...dull. Everything went smoothly, we got to the hospital and 6:30, and I was walked to the OR at 8:30...right on time. Heck, the anesthesiologist and I even danced a little in the OR before I got up on the table to do the spinal. What....there was good music on. The theme to "Flashdance" if I'm not mistaken. He even offered to get the bucket of water to end the dance. Hmmmm....not so much a pretty sight.

Jagger was born happy, healthy, and huge at 8:47 and everything has been grand from there. It was such a different experience from the hectic get-to-the-hospital-now way that Hunter was born. I'm glad I got to experience both ways of giving birth...but honestly....the c-section took a little of the excitement and the anticipation out of the process. The bottom line is, no matter HOW my babies were born...they are both healthy....with a good set of Jagg-man is crying for me right now.

I wonder how many of my posts will now abruptly end with the words " crying"

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