Friday, May 21, 2010

Gotta have goals..

A great big "PHEW!" to being a mom of two!!!
I have to just give a great big thanks to my girl, Heather, for carrying me these past four weeks. Of course, I took a little hiatus from the bloggy blog to figure out when, where, how, whowhatwhy, I was going to have time to get the "schedule" down and find time to do my posts. But the best way to do that, is to set some firm goals. So, I'm totally motivated to getting back to not only blogging, but eating right, starting just a few little excercises (blah to weak stomach muscles) and making a sweet life with my two little guys and sharing the experiences with you all. And all this starts on Monday! Wahoo! And to start is off.....a sweet little pick of my new little fam.....

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