Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Surprise

Happy belated Easter!

I decided that I wanted to go to Easter Sunday church service last week. Hubby and I, sadly, have never been to church together, other than a funeral and a wedding... We've been together for 6 years! That is sad and kind of embarrassing, quite frankly. So I talked to my Gma last week and told her we'd like to go to church with her on Easter. She was delighted. I was just as shocked as she probably was, that we picked up on time, if not a little early that morning. I guess that's what happens when I have Hubby around to keep me on time!

As much as I wanted to go, I was getting some anxiety about Will being a squirmy wormy throughout the service and maybe doing his goofy screams or something. We got there a little early, and probably got seated a little prematurely. We ended up sitting there as the church filled up with people for almost 15 minutes. Will was a perfect little angel. He was looking at the ceiling, pointing to the stained glass windows, and listening to the band get ready.

Of course it's Easter Sunday, so the service went a little longer than normal, but even still, Will was great. Yes, he was squirmy, but I was sure to have my bag of tricks ready. Crackers, milk, juice, ball, book, and other fun/compact toys at my disposal to keep him entertained and quiet as long as possible. He only got a little extra squirmy once, so I took him out for a little bit and let him run around. We were back inside and seated less than 10 minutes later and he was fine the rest of the service. The saving grace was probably the abundance of songs and instruments, and being able to stand up while holding him during those songs so he could see. He even clapped along to a song or two.

This was our first trip to church as a family and I am so glad it was a good experience for us all.

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