Friday, April 2, 2010

Double Double

'Sup Divas??? Just felt like starting the day with a little Ghetto "what what?"

Ok...So, thanks to my fabu sprinkle in January, I got a ton of gift cards to help get a new stroller for my two little beans. Until a recent email from Heather informed me otherwise, my Chicco stroller did not have a double in existence. Well lo and behold my friends...they are coming out with one. In APRIL no less! Just in time for the little bambino!
I love, love, love my current Chicco Cortina travel has done us so well these past almost 2 years. Both Heather and I have the same one and I do believe that we are both thrilled with it (not to put words in your mouth H!) It is easy to fold up and unfold, almost one handed really....and I love the cupholder and the adjustable handle bar. So great when you are wearing heels one day and flats the next. So I am to the moon about Chicco coming out with this double. All the other strollers I was looking at you needed to use a general attachment piece to accommodate your carseat, but with this one you can put is in the back OR the front. Only the rear seat fully reclines...which is kind of a bummer since Hunter STILL will nap in his stroller if the timing is right. That's initially why I wanted a side-by-side so that both little guys will be able to nap in the future. I'm kinda ok with it for now, though.
I'm waiting patiently for the email saying that it's available at my local Babies R Us so I can go and snag it. Although it's not debuting in what I feel is the post popular color (the grey and green that Heather and I have....and seriously almost half the mom population. Seriously, go to Disneyland and see if you can pick your Chicco stroller out from all the rest...sheesh!), it still has an all black option that will look great.
Anybody have Doubles that they are in love with? Anything I should consider before buying a new product? Or any other news about this stroller in general? Happy strolling to all!

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  1. We've been holding out on a double until we need one (although my Thomas is older so we make him walk the majority of the time). This one looks pretty nice. I'd say stay away from the sit and stands...I've used one before it is like pushing a boat that doesn't want to turn!

    I have my eyes set on the ubber-expensive Phil and Ted. Put the baby in the back and strangers aren't even aware to try and touch!


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