Thursday, April 1, 2010


Summer, Summer, Summer time.... (Think Fresh Prince featuring Jazzy Jeff)

Summer is approaching and I now have a crazy toddler on my hands that's only going to get crazier as the days pass. I am in desperate need of some cute everday flats to wear while chasing my little guy around outside. I am a jeans and cute shirt gal. Always have been... probably always will be. I was stoked when I could wear my 7's again at Will's birthday party. I was sure to tell everyone that I squeezed into my pre-preggo jeans! I think my Gma was as excited as I was about it. She almost hit the floor last year around this time when I told her I was tipping the preggo scale at 180lbs... ha ha! I even did a crazy dance for a few lucky folks because I just couldn't contain my skinny excitement.

During the summer I am in shorts and t-shirts or tanks, or the occassional dress and sandals. I am going to need a cute pair of sandals and flats. The close-toed black flats I currently have are ugly, old, and too stretched out to wear for long periods. Of course getting shoes for a sweet deal is part of the plan. I cannot believe I have Crocs on my list of possibilities, but Lani wore some when they were in SoCal back in September and I like them. Then I saw the red ones in a new commercial and really liked them.

The Sperry-Topsider-esque Rocket Dogs are similar to a pair of Vans I have, but I've had them for a few years now and they aren't so crisp anymore. I might try and throw them in wash with some bleach and see how they turn out. So here are the shoes I've been looking at getting. Yes, they're all flats since I'll be chasing a crazy kid around and want to stay comfortable. I have a pair of super comfy wedges I might start wearing too.

What do you think? Do you have any of these or have feedback on some other cute everyday shoes you like?


  1. Since we share the same brain I'm loving all these..

    the target sandals are super cute but the flower feels a lot bigger when they're on..
    - Macys has a very cute Alfani similar in price and better quality.

    Love the Shelby Gladiator Sandal - gotta go in and try those on!

    Saw these and I think you'd like them!

  2. I do enjoy the croc-adillys....even though they are a cardinal fashion don't. I believe they are a serious mom must. You should wait a little while on those, though (wink, nudge, June). And it wasn't the post...I was already planning on it...


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