Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Deep thoughts....

I'd understand if I couldn't sleep because Hunter was teething, or having nightmares, or something that a 21 month old should be waking up for...but no. Not my little sleepy-head who sleeps until 10 am 3 days out of the week. This is just plain, old, nasty, insomnia.

I mean really, has anyone ever had insomnia? Not just a restless night....but I'm talking night after night after night of just not being tired. And you lay there, hoping and praying to be tired...and then you back track all of the things that you've been thinking about for the last 4-5 hours and realize you're brain has gone to crazy-town and back. Yup, that's where I am right now. I think it's the pregnancy, as I do vaguely recall this happening last time...but I'm at the point where my mind is LIVING in crazy town and there's no way out unless I get some sleep! Let me take you on my minds journey tonight (which, by the way, I am fully in an insomnia attack right now...writing this at 2 am. Sun's almost up....I sort of wish...)

-The night started after the 11 pm action news informing me that there was going to be rain tonight. Fabulous! I'll crack those windows open and that cool air and soothing sound shall put me to sleep on the straightaway! Not yet....
-Kate Gosselin had yet another awful performance on DWTS, I don't care what the judges say. Am I the only mother out there that is just annoyed by all her "I love you's" to her kids when the cameras are on her? And I still think she's a stinky, selfish, witch....I just plain don't like her and it makes me even more upset that she's a mannequin on the dance floor.
-Speaking of multiple children, maybe I should start packing my hospital bag, considering that the baby's due date is less than 2 weeks away. It's weird being scheduled (I don't know if I ever announced that....but he's scheduled....) because I can "plan" for things. Although, since life always likes to throw a wrench in my plans....he'll prob come early. So packing...ok...I got my cute hospital gown from Heath, some nursing bras, undies, and my make-up. Anything else? Eh, I'll worry about it tomorrow.
-Potty break....wow....I hate our tile in out bathroom. We really should have just done the upgrade instead of getting all the builders standard stuff. Now when are we going to get it done? And we should totally go up to the ceiling in the shower surround
-EW!!! Look at this shower!! It's a disaster!! Ugh...note to self....put on Sonny's to do list to clean the shower. Oh who am I kidding....stop by Target tomorrow and get organic, safe for pregnant ladies to clean shower stuff. Heck I picked weeds today and painted trim in baby's room...I'll scrub a shower.
-Hmmm....maybe we should paint the trim in our bedroom, and add crown molding....possibly a project for next fall
-Pepper!! Stop licking yourself! Ew...if I were sleeping I wouldn't be hearing this....note to self...make a grooming appt for this little rat face tomorrow. gahhhh...I feel dirty now....
-oh my sciatic nerve!!! Can't even turn over with out it flaring up....and now that I have turned over...I have to go to the bathroom again
-ok...relaaaaxxxx......don't think about anything....clear the mind....(sound outside....LOUD sound outside) What the heck was that? It was like a mix between a tree falling, something exploding, and a gunshot! Or what I imagine a gunshot to sound like in real life as I've only heard them on TV. Great....now I'm going to have to be some audible witness to a crime.....maybe I should see what time it is just in case they ask......WHAT? It's only 12:30?? WTF?
-ok.....we'll just lay here....eyes closed....encased in a huge giant pillow and rest.....ahhhh rest. The bottoms of my feet are really dry...I should try that ped-egg thing. Or maybe I'll get a pedi after my doctors appt on Friday if I can convince Grandma that it is essential to the proper birthing of her grandson.
-GAR!! He is really pushing around tonight!! No wonder I can't sleep. I wonder if he's going to be as calm as his brother or if he's going to be a wild child? Based on the way he's moving....I'm guessing option 2 but hoping for option one. Can movement make you hungry? I swear I just had a hunger pain....
-Clifford needed Emily....so she chose him for her own....her love made Clifford grow so big, that they had to leave their home.....AAARRGGHHH!!! Why oh why does the theme song to Clifford always pop into my head????
-ok...rest....baby going crazy....maybe labor about to start? Let's close our eyes and be hopeful! Oh! A pain! A crampy pain! Maybe it's....wait...no....gas....
-OK....how about we blog a little since we were a slacker all last week. That sounds good...then maybe we'll play bejewled for awhile....

And that's where we are....and I'm going to go play bejeweled. Hope you're nights are sleepier than mine!

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  1. Good grief! Maybe I'm having sympathy insomnia for you lately...I have laid awake listening to Hubby snore and tossing & turning like I was the uncomfy preggo one...but I'm so not! You better pack your hospital bag though...I think that little bugger is going to be early.

    Oh, and on the moving crazy baby in the womb...that's how Will was...and now he can't sit still for the life of him. He's a crazy mover & shaker and was from the get-go.


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