Monday, April 19, 2010

30 and counting

So not too long ago I turned the beginning of the month, actually....and I guess I've been going through a little "old lady" phase ever since. It seems that ever since the big day approached/arrived....I've been noticing things that point out "Hey're getting older."

First of all, I had to pre-register for the hospital, and of course delayed it until just recently, and they asked my age. I started to write anymore. And really, the age THIRTY doesn't mean anything to me....its the fact that I'm changing decades. That my standby pre-fix to my age is different. It just feels weird to say and kinda hits you in the face that wow...I'm not a young twenty something anymore.

Then ESPN was airing the cheerleading finals in Florida and I've always enjoyed watching that, as I am a formal cheerleader and coach myself. I was thoroughly entertained with the hurkies, basket tosses and crazy pyramids.....when all of a sudden I realized that these were the COLLEGE cheer finals and not high school! I was floored....since when did I feel like I look so much older than a college student? Oh that's right...I graduated EIGHT YEARS AGO. Oops...there I go....on the floor....

And finally, just last night, after a hard day of working on the house.....I settled down with my newly delivered InStyle magazine. I approached the "how to wear at any age" section where they were featuring cutouts. They feature a "in your 20's, 30's and 40-50's". I was a bit saddened that I felt compelled to concentrate on the second column.....but was even more upset that the 20's column felt so young, ridiculous, and totally impractical. WAHHHH!!! I really AM older!

However!!! I've always told myself that I wouldn't let age affect me, and I wouldn't let it be a deciding factor on what I can and can't do. I've resolved to make my 30's better than my 20's in the ways of health, fitness, family, and finances. I feel like I experienced so much in my 20's that I can take all that information to make my 30's fabulous! I want to be more fit, trimmed and toned because I've learned that junk food isn't always the best food. I want to be smarter with my finances because I've learned that having money for the future is more important than having money for the weekend. And I'm going to be the best mom ever because I've learned that a night out with the girls is fun....but a day of hugs and kisses from my boys is a drug and is confirmation that I've done something good in my life. The 30's are going to be my best decade ever...until I hit my 40's!!!

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  1. I'm only 4 years behind you and my body reminds me quite often that I'm no spring chicken... I can tell it's going to rain soon because my joints are a barometer and start to ache. I groan and moan when I get up from sitting for a while, especially from the floor. Good times!


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