Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sign Language?

Monday was Will's 1 year check up. Oh what fun Dr. visits have become. Our Dr. was nice enough to point out the Will won't like him for this visit or his next one at 18 months, but after that it should get better. Lovely... He squirmed and cried and didn't want the Dr. to check his heart or look in his nose, or anything. Then he got 3 shots which was awful. I held him as the nurse poked him and he squirmed and screamed with all his might. Thankfully it was a pretty quick recovery once we got him dressed and out of the Dr.'s office. I think he really likes his new car seat (we got the Graco MyRide65, by the way). He seemed to be nice and comfy in there aftewards.

We went and got some bagels afterwards and then we were off to his first mommy & me (& daddy too) class. Sing & Sign Circletime is quite an interesting class for our little guy. He doesn't adhere to the whole "circle time" thing very well. He'll hang out if there are toys, but when they have to be cleaned up, he's not too happy about that. I guess I should start implementing a clean up time at home... He strolled around the class when the teacher is showing everyone sign language for colors and different things we can use with the kids. It's kind of funny but Will looks at me like I'm some crazy person when I'm talking and signing to him. Now I just do it for a good laugh. It was interesting to see some of the kids signing really well, and others that just didn't seem to care at all.

Do you sign with your kids? I'm going to keep on doing it and hopefully if Will picks something up from it, it's PLEASE! We have 2 more classes from this course to go to, so we'll see what happens...


  1. I have done sign language with my daughter since she was 6 months old. She started signing back around 9-10 months old. We started slow with just a couple words like milk and more. She's now three years old and no longer really signing since she can say anything. At her peak signing time she was between 12 and 24 months when she couldn't speak as much as she wanted to be able to. She could sign over 200 words! It was SO valuable to me to be able to understand what she wanted whether she could say it or not. I will do it again with my next child and I hope it will spur Miranda's interest in signing again.

  2. DEF a big fan of the signing. In fact....I believe that it helped Hunter get to his first couple words and he's been taking off from there! He took a whole 10 weeks of classes with no repeating the sign, then we enrolled in a second "semester" and he started using it one day. Re-enforce at home ALL THE TIME...and you'll see him signing in no time. Its hard to pick up at first...but the best thing you can do is to just keep at it. Hunter says "please" "thank you", he does colors...but the best is when he wants milk or juice or to sleep he does the signs for that. It's awesome. (signs for milk) "oh you want milk?" (signs please) "ok no prob". wham, bam, happy kid. Keep it up!!!

  3. I'm going to have to sign him up for another class because he now does the sign for "bubbles" really well. Of all things, bubbles, but I'll take it! :)



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