Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Relaxing makes me tired

It's so crazy how pregnancy makes your life all Topsy turvy. You'd think that having 2 days "off" from parenting would make you relaxed and feel fabulous....but I'm exhausted. In fact I'm beyond exhausted...I can't believe that I'm actually excited to stay home tomorrow and just hang with the H-man, do laundry, and do my regular mommy-type duties.

Sunday I went to a wedding shower for a friend and although it's really just eating and chatting for the guests.....it's super exhausting to answer the same questions over and over. "How long do you have?" "Boy or girl?" "How are you feeling" etc, etc, etc. It's also just work to get ready to look good, sit up straight so you're huger than normal boobs aren't hanging out of your dress, and smile constantly so that people don't mistake you're extreme tiredness for boredom or irritation.

Then on Monday my SIL took me out to mani's and lunch for my birthday (which is an intimidating 2 weeks away to 30 years old....) and you'd think that I'd be thrilled because I'd be relaxing...but I was B-E-A-T when I got home. Oh don't get me wrong! I loved the whole day...but Hunter had to nap over at her house, then woke up hungry, scared and a wee bit cranky....so we had to rush home to feed him and calm him down and when Sonny got home I was having cramps, pains, a headache, was pale, and felt nauseous. How 2 days off can make me feel sicker and worse than before I have no idea.

I think that it really just boils down to I am mentally and definitely physically ready to have this baby. I am so over the hype of what 2 kids is going to be like....that I just want the baby out and I'll take whatever is thrown at me. I'm more than ready to stop running out of breath when I curl my hair, having unknown sharp pains in my side that my doctor tries to convince me is normal, and anticipating how Sonny and I are going to fit in a life, sex life, and sleep into our schedule with a toddler and a newborn. This pregnancy thing has certainly run it's course for me...and although I know the longer the better for the baby....I am counting down the days. 34 days to go.....hopefully not more....

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  1. I totally understand. That's how I was with 1 kid in my belly...I can't imagine how it will be when we're ready for round #2. Get some rest and enjoy and day at home with your little H-man. Hopefully laundry and making dinner is everything you hoped it could be. ;)


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