Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Home Improvement...I've got the bug!

So I'd like to start by apologizing to Sonny and Hubby... I'm sorry!

I came across this blog - YoungHouseLove - and sent this particularly fun post to Lani and our friend Tina. Now we are all obsessed with home improvement/decor projects. It makes me want to do exactly what they did! Comb craigslist for a great piece of furniture on the super cheap and make it pretty with a little elbow grease!

Since we (meaning me and my awesome homefries) painted my kitchen, I've been itching to put stuff up on the walls. I have a thing about having blank walls...frankly, I don't like it (you can read more about that here when I did some photo collages). It really bugs me to have nothing on my walls. We have a collection of photographs in the kitchen that Hubby got on his trip to Scotland, which I love. And I want to accent with yellows and oranges in there to help contrast with the slate blue on the walls, which will also tie in the colors in the photos. I really love wall art that has a story behind it. Although sometimes it's ok to put something up because it strikes my fancy and it was on sale.

For some reason, I feel like I should put a clock above the sink. So I've been looking for something fun, orange, and retro. I found a few that, well, strike my fancy...and are decently priced:kitchen
kitchen by Heather Birdsell on

I have also been looking at wall art. Since we have those pics on the main big wall, I don't know what to put on the wall (in the photo, to the left next to the window). Will artwork clash with the photos? Hubby, Will, and I were wandering around this weekend and saw this giant spoon at Pier 1. Pretty retro and cool. I don't think it is quite us much as I would love to hang it up. Will seemed to get a kick out of Hubby trying to feed him with it. It seems like too big of a section of wall to just leave blank. In my dreams, I would love to get this handsome piece of furniture to go in that corner to house some wine, my cookbooks, and whatever else, but that just isn't in the budget. I suppose I could scour craigslist for a used one...

I have also been contemplating on just painting something myself for that wall. Canvases are on sale at Michael's this week (check out their ad here), and then I could do a mesh of what I like about each wall art piece I've seen and get rid of the stuff I don't like, plus creating the exact colors I want to use. Hubby likes this idea... I'm still contemplating. I'm definitely in a circley mood, so whatever we do, I will be adding something circley to the room.

What do you think? Any suggestions? I'm open to just about anything. Have you seen any cool clocks for above my sink? I'm usuallly not this indecisive...

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