Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Time for some green beer and green mashed potatoes! What are your dinner plans? I'm making a simple meat and green potatoes dinner for us along with some Smithwick's. YUM! YUM! I'll have one for me and one for Lani since she can't partake in the beer...preggo belly and all...

Word to the wise: Go get your taxes done! We went and saw our awesome tax guy on Monday and the drive there made me sick to my stomach. Hubby and I are scarred for life when it comes to tax time because when we first bought our condo almost three years ago, our loan dude didn't impound our property taxes like we asked. We didn't realize until we got our first bill for property taxes 6 months or so after signing all of our docs. Thank God Wells Fargo footed the bill and we impounded our taxes from that year and the next. Yes, we paid a little extra each month, but that was much more doable than several thousand bucks when we weren't planning for it. Little did we know that come income tax time that would affect us heavily. We owed a lot. Neither one of us had ever owed, let alone such a significant amount! Ouch.

So now everytime we get our taxes done, we're on pins and needles. I start to get a stomachache on the drive over, the car is super quiet other than voicing our concerns of what the final number will be. What a relief when we found out that we're super fine this year, with an extra bump from Will. Woohoo! So The 2010 Debt Diet in our household is going to get paid off that much quicker. This refund will wipe out about half of our debt. Hallelujah! Our resolution of getting everything paid off by Will's 2nd birthday looks pretty real. YAY!

I suggest if you haven't done it, do it! It's such a relief to get that checked off your list, and money back in your pocket! As soon as tax dude gave us our bottom line, a huge weight was lifted off both our shoulders. Talk about hitting the jackpot at the end of the rainbow!

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