Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby First Aid is a MUST

HA! On the subject of kids getting hurt (seriously, how ironic that both Heather and I had major kid first aid issues in a matter of days).....Hunter choked.

Yeah...choked. Not in the ninth inning, bases loaded, 2 outs kind of choked....but on a nice big hunk of cheddar cheese while snacking with mom. I meant to post something about this on Tuesday when it happened....but I guess I've been a bit of a hawk since said incident.

So after Hunter's nap we usually have a little juice and a little snack (yes, both of us), and cheese and crackers with either apples or grapes are his favorite (ok...mine too...but I prefer wine to grape juice normally). We camp out on the floor next to the coffee table, watch our Ellen show, and enjoy a treat. Well, Hunter is a dancer, and he gets his groove on whenever something tickles his fancy....namely food. Even when we're in a restaurant he dances away in his chair, waving his grilled cheese all around while he's raising the roof. So, while we are noshing on our snack....he's shaking his tooshy.

Apparently on Tuesday he was shaking it a little too much and coughed, gagged, eyes bulged, and gagged again. All of a sudden I had reflexes I didn't even know existed! Not even asking him if he was ok (frankly I didn't care, he didn't LOOK ok so even if he was fine...he was still getting what came next) I threw him over my knee, arm on stomach, gave him 2 sharp beats with the heel of my hand between his shoulder blades. A long time ago I was a cheerleading coach and had to get certified in first aid, and they taught everything....even the baby Heimlich.

After the second slap a chunk of nice, half chewed, sharp cheddar cheese flew out of his mouth. Pepper, mistaking Hunter for a walking, babbling, dancing vending machine, gobbled up the cheese instantly. Two seconds later Hunter was off dancing again....wanting more snacks....whilst mommy was still telling her heart to slow down and get back on rhythm. It really is amazing how much a two second incident with you're child can wipe out a whole day. I was EXHAUSTED...

Anyway....he's fine....I'm fine...everything is fine. My advice to all you mom's and dad's out there is please, please please, take a first aid class for your child. You don't need to get certified...but find a class at your hospital or community and be prepared. It's amazing that when put in that situation you don't even think about "what should I do" just DO. I think it's so crucial to know the emergency techniques that could save your child's life. that Heather and I have thoroughly scared the wits out of people who thought it would be cool to have kids until our posts...we will move onto happier thoughts. My son said juice today, can do the head and shoulders knees and toes song....kissed me about 4 times...and CHICCO is coming out with a double stroller in April!! Finally! More to come on that......

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