Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Date Night Fell In The Toilet

Saturday night, Hubby and I had our date night. I dropped my baby boy off at my parents' house to spend the night. I left there at around 4:45pm to head to The District shopping center to hang out while I waited for Hubby to get off of work and meet me over there for dinner and a movie. I decided to take a little time for myself, work on emails, blogging, etc. with a non-fat mocha while I waited. I must admit I felt so cool with my laptop at the coffee shop... That's now lame I am....ha ha!

So my 75 minute chill time went by quick. I packed up my stuff and headed over to meet Hubby at The Auld Dubliner for dinner. It's one of our favorite places. Great pub atmosphere with great music, great food, and great beer. We ordered our usual appetizer of spicy potatoes (new potatoes deep fried and tossed in spicy wing sauce, topped with bleu cheese and served with ranch for dippin' - sooooooooooo good!) and a Smithwick's for each of us. mmmmm... We had planned to see Sherlock Holmes at 10:10pm, so we had plenty of time to kill. We decided to take our time eating.

For dinner, neither of us were starving, so we decided to split an order of the fish and chips. A classic. After we got done, we decided to go for a walk. It had stopped raining, so the air was nice and clean with a little cold crisp. Off we went to wander Target. After about 10 minutes of wandering, my tummy started to rumble. And rumble.... and RUMBLE.... Oh God! I have to go to the bathroom NOW! I almost ran to the bathroom and barely got there in time. What happened next is not lady-like at all! It was straight out of Dumb&Dumber when Lloyd gave Harry some laxatives... Yuck!

Ok, maybe it wasn't that bad, but it was pretty bad. I got out just in time to meet Hubby at Starbucks for a tasty drink. Maybe that would help? Then we walked over to Whole Foods. Neither of us had ever been there before and OH MY GOD! It's like the Neiman Marcus of grocery stores! They have a ton of cool things, not to mention killer meat, fish, cheese, pastry, bread, chocolate counters! And their prices aren't all that bad either! I think I might go there to pick up some crab legs for Valentine's Day dinner! YUM!

Anyways...let's get back on track... So about 10 minutes into our exploration of Whole Foods, Hubby makes a bee-line for the restroom! Oh boy! He was gone for a while, so I was left to wander the store and wipe my own drool off of the glass at the chocolate counter... He returns with the same look on his face that I'm sure I had = I-feel-sorry-for-the-next-guy...

It was now 9pm. Our movie didn't start for another hour. We walked over to the theater to buy our tickets and I was just not in the mood. It's not worth my movie ticket if I have to run out of the movie to hit the toilet again. Neither one of us wanted to sit through a 2+ hour movie with an upset tummy, so home we went. We put on our comfy sweats and caught up on our dvr'd shows. Hubby fell asleep so I caught up on Ellen, The Soup, and watched 3/4 of SNL. We went to bed where neither of us slept very well since our baby wasn't home in his bed.

Sunday came and we got a ton of stuff done! We made breakfast, picked up the house some, paid bills, and vacuumed since Will is deathly afraid of the vacuum and he wasn't around. We headed to my parents' house to watch the Super Bowl and pick up our baby boy. Needless to say, Sunday night, we all slept like babies in our own beds, all under one roof, with no tummy problems.

I guess the downside of eating out less and having home cooked meals more is the absence of dirty fried food in our diets. I think the fried-ness made us lose our dinners. Just to prove how dumb we are... we had fried onion strings with our lunch on Monday and we both had the same issue again... Yikes! Thankfully it wasn't as bad this time around...


  1. OH NO! You got the rumbles on date night! No fun. That's the worst. I totally understand what you mean about cooking at home and then eating out..your stomach just isn't the same. Hope your next date night goes better.

  2. Awww...sorry abput date night! Yeah...Sonny and I get that prob sometimes with the fried stuff cuz we're making dinner at home 6 nights out of the week. And BTW, I am SHOCKED that you have never been to a Whole Foods...it is only the best store ever, second only to Wegmans...but you don't have that out there! So Superb!!!


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