Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Working on Resolution #3

So I wrote you guys my resolutions here and I'm adamently working on #1 and #3.  I have gotten cute maternity clothes and not felt bad about gorging on goodies while watching the Eagles lose HORRIBLY to the Cowboys.  I have also created budget sheets and demanded every receipt that comes into this house.  So in order to further working on #3, saving money and not going over budget, I have started to actually use my cappucino maker that we got for our wedding.  That's right....Starbucks is moving to a small location in the Ariani household. 

I made my first latte today as Hunter was eating breakfast ever so quietly.....thank goodness....because I made one hell of a mess!  I was frantically running all over our kitchen while trying to read "how to make an espresso and a latte."  I didn't know which filter to use, how much to tamp the espresso, didn't have a cups ready for steaming milk...and it didn't seem to steam at all....just foamed.  But I guess that's ok cuz the espresso came out way to hot.  SO, despite all the drama making the coffee, you would hope it would come out good, right? Yay happy ending?  Eh...not so much.  It's a decent cup, but it's certainly no Starbucks!  I have complete confidence in myself that I will prevail and get outstandingly good at making a great caramel non-fat latte.  That would save me, assuming that I get a tall at least 5 times a week....close to $60 a month!!  That's around $720 a year......isn't that nuts to think about??  And that's just assuming that it's a TALL!!!

So today Hunter and I, on our continuing quest to keep momma happy and caffinated while on a budget, are taking a trip to our favorite grocery store to purchase a little flavoring, a cup for steaming milk, and a fancy to-go cup for our drinks.  And since I'm preggos and can't really have too much caffeine (boo), I'm picking up some vanilla soy milk and matcha green tea to make a green tea soy latte!  I may have to buy just ONE more starbucks to observe how they make that, though.  :)

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