Tuesday, January 12, 2010

9.5 months postpartum

So here I am 9.5 months after having my little WEB-man. In a lot of ways, I'm feeling fairly normal again. I'm back to my old self for the most part. There are a few things that are weird. I don't know if it's just that maybe I don't remember what my old self felt like since it's been so long (9.5 months postpartum + pregnancy = a LONG time!), or if things are still out of wack. I go for a checkup with my OBGYN on Monday, so I will be sure to ask her what all of these things are all about. I figured I would give you a rundown first, and report back with my Dr.'s answers next week. I'm sure the answer to most of them will be "hormones", meaning I'm still coming down from my pregnancy induced hormone high and my body is still readjusting to life without a baby to cook, but here you go nonetheless...
- Sweat: I have always been a bit of a sweater. This was mostly reserved for normal sweat inducing activities like working out and heavy duty house chores like moving furniture. Now, it's not quite the same. I find myself sweating when I am running around the house doing mundane chores like vacuuming, laundry, picking up toys, hauling 10 lb diaper bag, 19 lb baby + baby carrier, and however many bags of groceries I can handle up and down the stairs. Ok, that last one is rightfully sweat inducing, but the others? I don't think so. I feel like I just run hot most of the time. I never really ran cold, but this is kind of ridiculous. While I was preggo, Hubby said I radiated heat at night. Most nights I spent sweating with minimal clothing on and no blankets on. God forbid Hubby trying to snuggle with me in bed because I would be sweating buckets, the closer he would get.

- Moody: I've never really been moody. There aren't weren't too many things that really grind my gears (ha ha...How's that for a Family Guy reference?! Oh, Peeetah...). Most of the time, there really wasn't much of a fluctuation in my mood when I was pmsing or on my period for Hubby to know I was on my period. Honestly. Ask the man. I don't lie! Now, I find myself stewing over some of the dumbest stuff. The trash has been full for what seems like at least 3 days, but it's probably been one, maybe two days tops. I ask Hubby to take it down to the dumpster when he leaves for work because otherwise I have to wait till WEB goes down for a nap to take it down myself. I have 3,000 other things to accomplish while WEB sleeps, have the trash already taken care of would make my life that much easier... but I find myself seething if he forgets one morning. Sometimes my crankiness is almost like an out of body experience. I can see myself getting miffed about the dumbest thing but can't do anything to rationalize myself out of it. It's really bazaar. And then I pass the boiling point to the point of tears. I was pretty sensitive before and would cry pretty easily, but now it doesn't take much for the waterworks to start. I feel like a big boob.

- Libido: I won't dwell on this subject or get too detailed since family reads our blog...but I will say that 9.5 months later and I'm just now starting to regain some of mojo. 9.5 months... I've been back on the pill for almost 6 months...

- Hair Loss: I know I had a lot of hair fall out before I was preggo. Hubby used to always complain about the bathroom floor every morning and I would try to pick up as much of it as I could in my hurried morning ritual. Then when I was preggo, it stopped falling out! It was amazing! I would blow dry my hair and there would not be a single hair on the floor! Now, I think it's worse than it was pre-preggo. Cousin It lives on my bathroom floor, my comb, my shower floor, and all over everywhere. I try to vacuum at least twice a week and that is still not enough to get my hair that is all over everywhere! It totally grosses me out.

- Discharge: Again, not a subject I will delve into with gory detail. Ever since my postpartum problems of yeast infection and such (you can read about all the not-so-fun stuff I experienced post delivery here) there has been more of it. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

- Acne: Ugh. This might be the worst thing to deal with right now, or ever. I'm seriously broken out as bad as I was in middle and high school. It happened all of a sudden, too! I was doing so good and probably jinxed myself by thinking how good my skin was during pregnancy and after. Then, BAM!, New Year's Eve came and I had all of these little red bumps pop up around the edges of my face, all over my neck and chest. Then they turned into little white heads. Then I got a big fatty on my chin that lasted for 5 days. It was seriously the size of a Lemon Head. It hurt like hell. It never even came to a head so I could at least get the satisfaction of popping it and making a mess all over my bathroom mirror...

So we'll see what my Dr. has to say on Monday. I'm sure she will tell me to chill out, and give it more time. It's just hormones getting readjusted, blah Blah BLAH. I really hope she has something constructive to say at least about the acne issue or I might flip out on her! I'll keep you posted though... Do you have any postpartum tales to share? Please do! I'd love to hear them!


  1. Ohhh I so hear you on these symptoms. Being pregnant seriously messed with every part of my body. x 3, since I had triplets:)
    Thanks for visiting my blog on my SITS day! I see you have a Lani over here too! Great name!

  2. Ha! How funny (reg. comment above). I was like "I didn't write that! And I certainly didn't have trips!" Fabu. Anyway, you're hormones aren't readjusting, you're whole body's different. The hair falling out thing I think is common, and I think moms of infants and toddlers are just bound to be cranky sometimes! My main difference was my bladder never regained its elasticity so I was still peeing all the time! AH Motherhood!!

    See you in 2 days! yay!



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