Monday, January 11, 2010

We Need To Get Out More!

I was tired of sitting around every weekend doing the same thing we always do on Hubby's days off...catch up on housework, maybe go out to lunch and wander around Target. We live in sunny SoCal. We better take advantage of it! (or Lani might punch us... ha ha!)

So I got the bug up my butt to arrange to meet up with some of our friends at a local park yesterday. Some of them have kids too and it's just dumb that we don't hang out with them more often. Thanks to Fun Orange County Parks! I hopped on there and quickly found a park that was in the general area I wanted. And what a great park! We ended up at Valley Oak Park in Irvine. I think we might have WEB's 1st birthday party here. It's a fairly small park, off the beaten path a little bit, but it's nice and clean and just perfect. Hubby and I were pretty impressed. There's a tennis court and a basketball court along with some nice green belts for kids to run around and adults to go play catch. The bathrooms are even pretty nice and clean! What a concept!

Most importantly, they have swings!-my favorite! I sat in many a swing throughout my elementary school years, to the point when other kids would get annoyed and stand there and start counting before they told on me...Of course I would wait until they were about to walk away before I got out. Anyways...WEB went on his 1st swing yesterday. He loved it! He sat in the little bucket seat like a pro. He was in there for quite a while and didn't seem to get sick of it as quickly as I thought me might. Yay! He also went down a slide while Hubby held his hands. WEB didn't seem to care too much either way about the slide. He definitely liked the sand next to it though! He ran his hands through it and sat in it for a while. Surprisingly, he didn't stick it in his mouth. He shoves everything in his mouth and I was shocked that sand wasn't one of them.

We got to the park around 12:45pm and didn't leave till a little before 5pm! Hubby and I picked up some waters & sodas to put in a cooler, and easy snacks before we went to the park.  I think it was nice to just sit and chat with some other parents and friends for a while too. It's in the 70s in January! Why the heck don't we get out of the house more often!

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  1. Sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time at the park! That's awesome. Seems like we both needed some much needed relaxation and time with mother nature =)


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