Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Fave: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Obviously, we love just about anything Disney related in our household. Playhouse Disney is no exception! For those of you not "in the know", Playhouse Disney is a block of cartoons in the morning, every morning, that will entertain your kid for hours! Sadly, I even enjoy watching them. I like them better than Sesame Street. I'm sorry, but Elmo sometimes grates on my last nerve, and his friend, Mr. Noodle, creeps me out. We do still watch Sesame Street because Will likes Elmo too...

Well, what I do is record Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sesame Street everyday. We don't care if it's a rerun or not. The beauty of recording is that I always have a show or two on hand for Will to watch while I do something. I can turn it on, put him in his playpen, and go make dinner. It's glorious! He is entertained for a good 25-30 minutes during the show.

Everyone's favorite part of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is, of course, The Hot Dog Song! I will have to take a video of Will freaking out to this song. The second he hears the music start he makes a beeline for the TV and stands as close as possible to it while he dances, or bounces, flails his arms around, and screams at the TV. It's hilarious. He could be in a different room, but as soon as he hears that music start, off he goes! The only other song that makes him crawl or walk this fast is Elmo's theme song.

I try not to abuse the power of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and save it for just one thing during the day that I would like to complete in peace. It seems to be working. :) We have been venturing over to Disney's California Adventure where they have a Playhouse Disney Live show that is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with the other Playhouse Disney shows interlaced in it. It's really cute. Will likes that, but he also wants to crawl on the floor (because you sit on the floor with your kid) all the way up to the front and stand while holding onto the stage - if I let him. It's a fun little treat for him, and I love watching his face light up at the sight of Mickey. If we are walking through Disneyland and he sees Mickey walking around, his eyes get HUGE! ha ha. The Hot Dog Song also works if he's starting to freak out and I need to redirect his attention or calm him down. I know all the words, so I'm sure it's quite a sight when I start singing in the middle of Target...

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  1. As a witness of Will's love of the hot dog song..I gotta say its hilarious! Can't wait to check out the Playhouse Disney Live Show..time for us to make a trip to Dland Chica!


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