Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Fave: Annabel Karmel

I recently posted one of Annabel Karmel's recipes here, but I just have to post her as my friday fave because her books and recipes are truly amazing. I made 3 things from the one cookbook I have of hers(Baby and Toddler Diary) this week, and Hunter ate every single thing off of his plate. Last night he even cried for more! Amazing!! She has a great website with lots of recipes for children 4 months to 10 years old, and I recently saw that she is a contributor to Parent and Child magazine. I'm going to purchase her other book that I borrowed from the library once because it has a fabulous collection of baby purees AND a whole section on picky eaters, but if you look on her website she has tons and tons and tons of different books that I may very well get addicted to buying. The recipies are simple to make, many ingredients you have on hand, and the tips are truly useful. Some of the meals, like the tuna melt quesadilla, are so simple and you may have thought of to make. Most of the meals are so family friendly too, that I just double it and feed it to Sonny and he is none the wiser. He thinks it's a normal, not-meant-to-get-baby-to-eat-veggies meal. It's great! I don't know what I'd do if I didn't find Annabel.

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