Thursday, January 28, 2010

Onions Make Me Cry!

I have 5 onions on my kitchen counter. I pass through the kitchen and look at them with disdain, knowing they will make me cry like a little baby when it's time to make dinner...

How can we have grapples (which are super tasty, by the way. Mix of a grape and an apple...), seedless watermelon, cuties (another tasty fruit, one of Will's favorites! California mandarins...yum!), but no tearless onions?!

Rachael Ray's Rollover Jerk Chicken with Roasted Veggies, calls for THREE onions. Two are chopped and one is sliced. I had to leave the kitchen at least three times while cutting all three of those stupid onions because my eyes were watering so bad, I couldn't see! The second I cut into an onion and see that it's nice and juicy, I brace myself for the imminent tears that are on their way. It sucks!

I've heard if you light a candle and put it near the cutting board that it burns those enzymes that get in the air that cause you to cry. Ok, that works sometimes...but hardly ever. If you wear glasses, that will help. NOT! Or your third option is to just not use onions... ha ha!

I really like using onions in my food. They add great flavor to just about anything that I find myself keeping them on hand at all times. I'll chop up half of one to put in some spaghetti sauce - a great way to pep up a store bought sauce. Sausage, peppers, and onions on some pasta is an easy meal. Even Rocco DiSpirito made some faux onion rings on Rachael Ray's show a few weeks ago that made my mouth water (or maybe that was just me drooling over him...). I still need to make and try those...

Do you have any tricks or tips for cutting onions? Do they make you boob all over your cutting board too?


  1. i heard if you put them in the freezer for a little while before you cut them it helps. I've done it before and i works....doesn't totally make you stop crying but its more bearable!!!!
    Michelle :)

  2. I am the worst with crying when I cut onions... the thing that works for me is to run the onion under water while I cut in half and peel. Once I have rinsed the halves it is pretty easy to cut with out tearsjust don't let them sit for to long cause the tears will start up again.
    <3 Linda


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