Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Aquaphor to the rescue - again!

On New Year's Eve, Hubby and I were startled when WEB woke up screaming bloody murder at around 2am. We were just thinking about going to bed. Think again! This was a different kind of wake up than what we had seen. If he was teething, he would scream, I would hold him, and he'd calm down. This time, I was holding him and he was still practically crawling up me, still screaming. He was in some major pain. Come to find out, his little peener (yes, I said "peener", ha ha) was blood red and was obviously inflamed. I noticed it was a little red around 7pm when I changed him out of a majorly poopy diaper. It was the kind that was all the way up the front and back. But his peener didn't look like this or I would have been alarmed. Now it was really bad. Hubby and I put some Aquaphor on it and I held him for a while until he calmed down. We finally all went to bed.

It looked much better in the morning, but we continued to put Aquaphor on it. We went to my parents' house later that day to chow down for New Year's Day. Hubby had made himself sick over WEB's ow-ie peener and also made the mistake of looking up what it could possibly be on the lovely worldwide web. Don't do that! So we put Neosporin on it instead of the Aquaphor while we were at my parents' house because I didn't bring the Aquaphor with me.

Throughout the day I had contacted the KidsLine Dr.'s office that my pediatrician fields their calls to on holidays. The nurse said to continue creating a barrier with the ointment and give him a baking soda bath. Well, when we got home that evening, we plopped him in the bath and noticed that it hadn't really improved like it did overnight. Could it be because we used Neosporin instead of Aquaphor? The nurse I had talked to recommended Polysporin instead of Neosporin because babies (and some adults too) can be sensitive to the "neo" ingredient in Neosporin. The Polysporin has the same antibacterial qualities but is less harsh. So, WEB was starting to get really cranky and you could tell that it was really painful to him. I talked to the nurse again. She advised that if he woke up screaming bloody murder again to take him to the ER. Great.

The night went ok. No screaming. That morning it looked just a tad bit red. WEB was his happy, cheery self again. He went to the Dr. on Monday for his 9 month check up. Dr. Chu said that it was probably irritation from poop or pee since it went away fairly quickly. If it was a serious infection, it would not have cleared up in a day or two. Good to know!

Seriously, Aquaphor is magic. It's so gentle and takes care of all kinds of problems so quickly. I used it when WEB had little dry patches on his body when he was just a couple months old. I've even used it on my hands when they get dry and cracked. It changes things overnight. Awesome!

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