Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Resolution part 1!!

I'm going to my sprinkle in California in just 2 weeks.  Everyone's telling me to pack for about 60-70 degree weather....but as it's in the teens to 20's here....that almost sounds like they are telling me to pack a swimsuit.  I have to say that I am pretty much DONE with the clothes from cheaper stores. I decided that I'll take a different route and ordered clothes from the maternity line.  SO DANG CUTE!  Hopefully this will help me keep one of my resolutions of not looking shabby shab.  Here's a few things that I picked up...can't wait to wear them!

Just so you guys know....nothing that I bought was over $50!  The Pink ruffle top was only $11.00!  This is a great site of fashionable maternity wear....and be sure to check out the clearance section.  Great deals there!!

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  1. Oh! I love all of it! What dress are you going to wear to the Sprinkle? I like the pink ruffle shirt and the bow shirt. Too cute! I hope it stays nice and warm for your sake, but I can't wear any of the wintery clothes I have, so I am wishing it would cool down! ha ha Now we're only a week and a half away... :)



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