Monday, December 7, 2009

SoCal Family Fun: Discovery Science Museum

Hubby, WEB, and I were lucky enough to be invited to the opening of the Science of Gingerbread exhibit at The Discovery Science Museum. It was a blast! There was a Santa sitting by the front door. WEB sat on Santa's lap for the first time! Hubby plopped him down on Santa's lap and told him "Take it easy, you're his first Santa", to which Santa said "Oh, ok!". WEB just checked Santa out and I think was trying to figure out what was wrong with his hands since he had white gloves on. Too funny!

They had carolers singing. There was a fun ballerina show going on. Plus all of the fun stuff they have there everyday. WEB was intrigued by the pin board because it's red. He loves anything red. But after I let him stick his hand on it, he was not happy. I probably freaked him out when I put my face in it! Ha Ha! I just realized that I got an impression of my boob too...lovely...

The Gingerbread Exhibit was awesome. There were a ton of different gingerbread houses that people had entered into their contest. You wouldn't believe how some of these looked! There were cathedrals and crazy detailed houses, and even a dog! These contestants should be on the Food Network! I took pics of some of my favorites. There's a little 3D black light maze you walk through that has fun pictures of holiday characters, too.

Then we ventured upstairs where I proceeded to embarrass myself with my sissy grip. Hubby got proof that his grip is twice as hard as mine. They have a giant Operation game, too. It was pretty hard to get those giant organs out of his body without buzzing.

It was a blast. I can't wait to get an annual pass for the museum when WEB is a little older so we can go all the time. Heck, maybe in a couple weeks when he's walking, who knows!


  1. SO JEALOUS!! Hey Philadelphia and the Delaware valley places!! Half of D&D lives in this area!! We'll write about you!!

    I thought that your boob impression was WEB's tummy! haha!! And by the way!! You are looking good!! You can tell the weight is melting off!

    Miss y'all!


  2. What a fun way to spend the day! Thanks for sharing pictures! I'll have to venture over there.


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