Monday, December 7, 2009

Dangerous things you don't think about!!

So I had a scary morning this morning.  My little snookie slept until about 9:30 this morning and I let him go.  He's generally a really good sleeper, but this morning he seemed especially tired, and I knew his diaper would be soaked, but I figured that I would let him just sleep it out. 

He woke up nice and calm and I saw him on the video monitor sitting up and running his hands across his sheets....didn't really think anything of it.  When I went to go get him...there was this gel like substance all over his face and mouth, hands, sheets, pretty much everywhere.  He smiled at me....picked up a little gelthingy....and happily put it in his mouth!!!  I felt bad cuz I scared the crap out of him by screaming " STOP STOPSTOPSTOP!!!!"  And I am not the type to flip out that bad....but ahhhhhhh!  What is this???

I opened up his pjs and there was the gel stuff everywhere!  Apparently it's the filling in the diaper that absorbs the liquid, and there was a tear in the top of the diaper.  So as he was rolling along, sleeping, peeing himself, the diaper burst open and all that gel filling came out and out of his pajamas!!! After bathing, rinsing his mouth out, and tossing the sheets and everything into the washer...I fed him breakfast and searched the internet for what this was and if it's toxic.  I called Huggies even, and they told me not to worry that the gel is non-toxic, and I read on the internet that it's made from the same stuff that gel-caps are made from. 

Although I don't believe that he ingested that much, and although the diaper people say it's ok.....I still think that if he had ingested alot that it would be dangerous.  I'm watching him all day for any rashes, breathing problems, yada yada....but I wanted to tell you this story because of all the dangers for a little child, I never even THOUGHT of something like this!!  I'm going to tell Sonny to make sure that all diapers are intact and tear free before putting them on....and if Hunter is not awake by a certain time, unfortunately for him (and me selfishly) I'm going to be waking him up to make sure that his diapers don't burst from too much pee.

Totally stressful morning....going out for a green tea soy latte later even though it's 40 some degrees out......(sigh)


  1. We've had the little balls that happen when WEB has a giant pee filled diaper, but the diaper didn't burst. That's crazy! I read in one of my books that the balls are from the stuff that helps absorb and that its non-toxic. I remember seeing them back in the day when I wore pads instead of tampons. I made sure to tell Hubby because I didn't want him to freak out if he saw these little gel balls in WEB's diaper. Good to know that if it's all over the place, it's ok. Poor H-man! He was just a tired guy!


  2. Wow, that's crazy! Yup, never thought about it. Thanks for the info both of you.



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